ZombiU A New Era of Zombies Graphics

ZombiU A New Era of Zombies Graphics


As a whole game room ZombiU and find yourself in the world of the dead neighborhoods whohunttrying to get a piece you to change you to one of them or simply because you are moving in a different way them so they have toAttackwherever you are, the game after London was hit by the epidemic to transform the vast majority of the population oftrying to feeding you and you are one of the few that managed to escape, at the outset you do not know that there are other survivors until you find the votes for guidance tells you so that you can access to one of the safe houses “Safe House” after identifies this audio tells you that his name Pepper will give you a Tablet PC and some equipment to begin your trip with him and assist him in the implementation of certain tasks to eventually be able to know what is behind this Sound.

We can say that the story is fairly traditional this kind of games the only goal of the game to be able to survive for the longest possible period either through the killing of these miscreants who are trying to kill you or escape from them and hide and use your superintelligence which he, therefore, did not expect to find a lot of difference in the way of playing the game this pattern but we can say that it distorted death as a matter of very earnest you while die you will lose your personality all her belongings and all the tasks unless saved. This requires you to ending the mission and return to the Home Security Council sleep for some time until holding you back in the game – If how will complement the game? It is very easy and you will find you return to home Security Council character of new and different what preceded and without all of the tools and weapons found in your way, by the way, very few laying the hordes of the dead neighborhoods with a baseball bat or a few shots to feed shouted through loudspeakers firearms, they are not finish because the game decided to take account of this point you when you return to the point where died the previous PII about you will find in the same area but turned into a zombie and carries on its back bag for you all its contents if you want to get these things again you will killing and stealing the bag.

The funny thing is also in the game you get similar scanner can examine the next area to know where are the things that deserves research or even Where is your enemies, but there is something lost the game during its transition from a platform Wii U us is to use the second screen which existed in the Controlled Wii U, the times when you open the briefcase or even use your scanner or the map you find automatically on the second screen installs drivers, which gives you a sense of more interactive with the game but with the transition to a single platforms screen lost this feature and appear on the screen of the game.

Graphics old and accuracy of this is to be expected because the game was issued earlier on other platforms, but in the end lead purpose surprisingly dark aspects and the shadows that hiding the dead neighborhoods intensively, you can easily identify their phenotype prior to become infected and find the variety and diversity of many in personalities from Ms.

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