The success of the very huge, achieve The Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt the declaration of the development team behind the game has 10 million copies worldwide to enter the list of one of the most games room RPG sellers history.

No figures of specific sales various copies but the Panel previously declared by the fact that the game is still investigating higher sales with a copy of the Personal Computer compared appliances, logically, the fact that the series started on the computer and achieved the highest successes by the beautiful is that they have found a strong market in a market of household appliances

On the Other Hand We see The creativity of the CD Project Red in providing the stories shows even in the story of a smaller scale compared with the story of the game. Addendum succeed in mixing the group from the feelings and the different experiences under one roof, confusion between terror, romantic, excitement and fun in one story is difficult but as possible of this addendum, each mission carried out by will take you to the story of other subsidiary adds the depth and the diversity of experience. In spite of the fact that the story was not full of surprises , but that the way in which it provided and the method of account of the events made it interesting until the end. The dialogs have significantly helped in raising the level of the story, you will find a lot of smart dialogs, so I chose all possible options in the dialog to enjoy Grand.

The more romantic coming this content we all know that the foolish (Giralet) some thing when it comes to courting the pretty girls to gain their confidence and love for him and always be rowdy tab sometimes boring and nothing is known not to pursue and kill the beasts it Like a Monster  body human beings where inside add.

Certainly with the resounding success of the game The Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt and developer declaration that it will be the end for the popular personality and infrastructure since the emergence of Geralt Series Of Rivia, many pessimism and thought it might be the last for the address fully not only the hero of “the wolf Ramadi.”

But the company’s executive director went out a positive statement and cause for optimism, where recently told a Swedish channels, saying that failure to complete the series would not be fair for its lovers ! And they worked on this world since more than twelve years, and that he does not think that this will be the end, but the matter is still very far away to talk about a new version, especially that the CD Red has a crew of small and is engaged fully now in one of the unique projects and is the The Witcher 3 of the future RPG Cyberpunk 2077 and still respect of information are scarce.

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