The Witcher 3 Releases Blood and Wine Launch Trailer

The Witcher 3 Releases Blood and Wine Launch Trailer


The release date of the witcher 3 : animal blood search and wines DLC next week on Tuesday, 31 May developers CD Projekt Union Red Cross decided to provide fans a closer look at what is expected with the addition of the ambiguous story frightening enemies and the Trailer of the content of the future.As expected, the witcher 3 Geralt deadly monster professional Rivia will not go easily and that he is trying to dismantle secret awful vampiric appears the monster of terrorism of the Kingdom far Toussaint – the witcher 3.

 The Witcher 3

In view of the fact that the Conference on Disarmament and the Projekt Union confirmed blood red wine recent expansion witcher 3 developers 1993 DLC the “final”. With this demand, as if the studio addendum to the trustworthiness of playing in itself, with players in the adventure 30 hours filled with words and deeds unforeseen fluctuations dark, romance and deception.”

as shown in the Trailer Geralt below, would be against many species intensive appearance, including, giant centipedes and huge golem from the enemy, expansion suggests entitled, vampires. The visuals stunning lush plot the line describe the real killer of evildoers, not enough to catch up with the players, also decided to the Conference on Disarmament and the syndicate of projects of the Red Cross to angry, but the incompatibility of the concept of the track on the metal tape to the Video amp up more – the witcher 3 .

With all this in mind, the Projekt Union CD Red founder told AFP recently made witcher 3 wine blood at the end of the concession in the present time, in a holistic sense and studio has gone all out with what can be considered as the last film series. Although this is the fate of the concession in the present time work RPG director of the Conrad interest who wish to exercise more games in this series, which could indicate the return witcher titles in somewhere.

the witcher 3

The Conference on Disarmament at the end of the Red Cross and the renewal of the syndicate constitutional projects after drop in blood wine, it will not be very far. After all, not only did the witcher 3: Hunting Ground in revenue in the fourth quarter last fiscal year CD Projekt Union of the Red Cross, but also on a large scale that it was not the best video games in recent memory.

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