WATCH DOGS  Game Wolfenstein screenshots  the new project UbiSoft company is the game of open world stunning centerd on the Prevention of Crime and the electronic commerce. The unimpressive only say that it is an excellent experience, supported by realistically great graphics, interesting story, and the ingenuity of the design of the toy system genius, butIt stillexperience a simple steps to access steering.

The story of the Watch Wolfenstein screenshots and revolve in the future in which everything connected and moving through the website that, upgraded image and a bit of the reality in which we live. The personality of the hero – Aiden pearce – are personal hacker professional, wearing a distinctive scarfe covering his face, to avoid the ability of monitoring cameras on the condition of anonymity. The reason lies in the mobile phone in his hand, Aiden can through the application on his mobile, a one button, control in anything email in of the place of the first traffic signals, gas valves, gates, surveillance cameras, alarm system for cars and even helicopter planes and trains.

Above all possesses Eden phone capacity to penetrate the statements of any mobile device, and the personal information of any person walking in the street, but to eavesdrop the talks, spying on cameras at home pcs, even the details of the bank account of any person and the withdrawal of the balance of the organs of the ATM directly, Eden briefly city and the information, which made you control is interesting and fascinating.

During the story family involved Aiden in criminal life, then begins in the friction frightening figures and extremely dangerous. The story starts the beginning of simple, with some of the points of coherent, but over the 5 chapters gradually simplicity summit interesting complexity, which disappear as soon as the end of the story. I do not want that disclosed the details of the more so as not spoiled the events on anyone, but really end depth is not expected from the game of such as watch dogs.


The personality Aiden like the personality of the Mason in FarCry 3, the analogy here is the fact that the two personalities bowl interesting figures surrounding it. interesting Vaas, key figures surrounding Aiden more interesting, most prominent of personal assistant Aiden Chin, a Nazi severe mania all the details of the facilities of each Aiden, and certainly the mysterious figure of the Bad Boy 17. The World Ocean b Aiden is the secret of the distinguished Watch Game Wolfenstein screenshots, could lose a sense of time and you walk in the streets for a few hours, just to the aspiration to statements of passers-by, or Hear on their phones.

The Collective play in Watch Wolfenstein screenshots is the most enjoyable provided UbiSoft in this area, in the main stage, no player can sneak into the game any other player on the Internet, to try to seize the penetration of information other player.

The matter is like a game of cat and mouse, sometimesends of the kidnapper and sometimes become fierce hunt and angry, timelyanger during chasing the broken, which tries to declare victory over you, up peak to the degrees of very high excitement.

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