Watch dogs 2

Watch dogs 2


Watch dogs 2 Takes Us to the city of San Francisco this time, provides us with a new set of personalities like Marcus Holloway professional hacker is a personalised happy and do not stand in the way. Through converge Marcus with another group of professional hackers under the name of Dedsec. The objective of the Dedsec is the elimination of corruption which has gripped the city of obtaining a large number of observers for the channels of social networking. Frankly, if you had decided to play Watch dogs 2 for the story you would not be happy with the resolution, because the story are weak and slow, functions and full of repetitive but the end of the story that helps you to get all the capabilities available to you in the game faster because each task gives you between 4 to 6 points of skill which helps to get new capabilities.

But the basic objective behind the game Watch dogs 2. In many cases during my game found that the game succeed in ending the main tasks (not intentionally of course), but because I see a lot of fun ways to raise chaos from a distant place I spoke in the summit of happiness. Or even do the work of some of the tasks of the Drive San Francisco which is somewhat similar to that of Uber service in our world, which will make you to do things with several people the level-headedness and from one place to another. In one of the tasks was to take one of the clients in a tour around San Francisco because it participated in a competition on the Internet and what was done was taken in a fast tour in between the highlights of San Francisco as soon as possible. After ending task you will find you have evaluated the way you’re driving and other. Or another customer who loves adventure loves to lead quickly and makes the vehicle jump on the heights of the high buildings in the city. And much more.

As to keep pace with this age, techniques and equipment in the game is built to cope with the technology in this era. This makes the San Francisco yours, as mentioned in the first review, Marcus not hacker is strong and stands in the way of what makes nothing easy penetration making way playing more fun. Such a first part, you can control cameras in the streets and traffic signals and sanitation and cars, telephones and other people, but new things and added that experience makes more fun such as the RC Car which makes it easy for you to access areas and penetrate things while you are sitting in a place far away or the drone which is doing the same things.

These scams and other easy to penetrate places had many works of non-dependence on Guns, during the 20 hours you use navies once because the battery in my laptop has carried out and i was in a position to do not envy. As for the dilemma it is totally different this time, for example, in the first part of the gas was penetrate the device is limited in one page.



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