Uncharted 4 – A Thief’s End

Uncharted 4 – A Thief’s End


Uncharted 4 – The city of ElDorado legendary gold to the secrets of the Shambhala made Nathan Drake accustomed ways and is filled with problems. With every new game in the series, paved the way for the Spirit of Adventure and love of the risks to the Nathan Road of some of the best PlayStation 3 in that generation.

But today we meet with Nathan again. Older man wisdom and quieter, much more. You will see a man go fishing treasures to the life of a man and a stable family. But the old habits do not die easily, desirous Nathan urgent need to return to the last trip growing inside. When he receives Nathan surprise visit of his brother has been missing since a long time, reasons go back to return to the old himself reappears, thus begin our adventure.

While I will not share more details about the story or the personalities that we see on the length of the game, but I would say that I enjoyed this trip since the beginning to the end. The motives of the conflicts and the needs of the Nathan clearly, and to develop his personality to determine what is most important in the end, the treasure or his life. You can expect the usual surprises in the plot along the game. without recall more, if you ask, eventually made me feel satisfied.

But what is stunning interactions between the figures. As we see the VIP Room Facilities identifies the simplest actions of each other. Whether praise method smooth transition, or mock your ability to break every piece of landmines, we must commend the naughty I don’t want company Dog to be inflated life in every character through making it part of the world, rather than be merely part of the background to the Nathan. It was a pleasant surprise for when I saw the options dialog with optional additional available in certain areas which increase the visibility of the VIP interaction between each other. The hearing interact with each other regardless of whether you are the Attention to detail that one would expect from a series of uncharted.

Nathan Drake is not the only one who learn some things over the years, it from shooting to resolve the mysteries to mobility in the environment we find that the Uncharted 4 had improved in the mechanisms of an unprecedented increase in all aspects. With regard to the ceasefire, would not have now to the face of the waves of enemies that will leave you clinging stuck in one area, we find instead enemies more prevalent throughout the stage. It also has changed, and the pace of the game of the college to accommodate with realistic confrontations with logical number of enemies in each region.

Uncharted 4 take everything you have learned in the games room the previous series and expanded its scope in this recent emergence. As early as of graphics stunning visual to the scenes of the genre of excellent pace and access to the mechanisms of infiltration and riddle’s challenging, made naughty I don’t want Dog masterpiece deserve that we call “the end of the appropriate preferred


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