Only 10 minutes from playing the game of transformers : Devastation, you fight the robot Devastator giant. You will feel that this battle and other battles epic leaders taken from a series of television Transformers and film in the 1980s, with the votes of the identical to the original votes in addition to rock can be heard in the background. But the attractiveness of this game is not only that it makes us feel nostalgic for the work of the Michael Bay, but has also done good to convert a series of men of the mechanism to the favorite game action an enjoyable stay and lively

polished appearance of the fighters Auto-bots and Deceptions from the first generation of the fee cell-shaded looks amazing, with the raw materials (textures) method of moving appears to be taken directly from the film of 1986. Cannot Continue to watch the segment, the robot Optimist Prime to a huge truck throughout the day. The style of presentation Devastation superb, with colorful will feel taken from the cartoon adventure old. The amount of details in the game is impressive, Gleaming metals comprising the bodies of men of the mechanism to the vehicles parked on the road. But whenever deepened in the story, whenever I felt that the battlefields and the stages that more and more. It is a frustrating, because the way the graphic in the game, but the buildings and the Raw Materials seem bis significantly, so you at or without consideration to the map of the game.

The method of fighting in the devastation deep enough to be addicted, leaders fighting poses a major challenge. The Enemies can be categorized into general categories to be expected, but the development team Platinum Games did a good job of making enemies represent a real danger in the field of battle. I learned quickly that do not underestimate the fight against a group of soldiers orbits, because they can end your adventure in the game very quickly. The leaders battles is not a picnic, also, where you will have the fighting cautiously high effectiveness otherwise you will turn into a piece of rubble.

You’ll notice in the game that the method and the fighting is different from the series of transformers, because the development team Platinum Games they add more excitement. I did not see the former Auto-bots they fight in the way that fighting in the game of Devastation period to six hours. The warriors Cameroonian can implement a series of fierce attacks.

You can play any figure of the figures of the five Auto-bots (Optimist Prime and Bumblebee and Grim-lock and Sideswipe and Wheel jack) in any task, all good character and distinct from the other because they constitute a distinctive combination of strength and speed with unique capabilities and the way of fighting the various. Despite the attacks Bumblebee nearby rapid cause harm large in comparison with attacks Optimist fierce Prime, but his ability to link the attacks in the process of the vehicle makes it useful. Grim-lock movements is one of the most interesting movements in the game of devastation, it seemed walks like duck, and fundamental to the rhythm of his opponents, dragging them through on the ground.

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