TrackMania Turbo – PlayStation 4

TrackMania Turbo – PlayStation 4


When it comes to car games – TrackMania Turbo -, personally best Arcade games for raising in containing mostly Drama Story and easy to control method compared to simulation games realism, which tried to TrackMania Turbo provided the players through 200Race Experience distributors on 4 environments they are supposed to be different in design, but on the ground did not note any differences remember at least in the style of play or vehicle movement and vulnerability of the nature of the environment which hosts events such as ride in a desert environment or dedicated path for downhill speed or mud area surrounded by trees and the difference is almost non-existent and deserves mention either the optical level the level of fees to suit the nature of the game itself which is trying to maintain its classic and modern way been implemented well.

The TrackMania Turbo provided basic branches, the most important of which is the process of individual play which can be terminated alone or with the participation of another player although the number of 200 path is promising and reflect the content  of the huge game, but boredom dominated over the period of its case in the experience of the address, all races, without exception, aimed at access from Point A to B or spin in the arena of closed and attempting to achieve a good number in return to get a certain number of medals and points helps you in the transition to the level of the next competition, and addressed the game of any major events make there is a goal of ending the game, or even a group of challenges that could contribute to increasing diversity and change, it would be difficult for anyone to end all those routes with the same level of excitement And enthusiasm.

The key feature of the process of individual play is the determination of some routes and not all, and I mean here the level of fees or landscape which address to address, but the excitement arising from delinquency is ideally located during the use of the Maximum Speed or avoid a piece of cake your way suddenly or contest in the way of controlled by the electromagnetic energy which makes the vehicle more stable and easier to control, can be considered as the main reason why I have continued to experience the address for a longer period, despite the fact that most of these attempts was ending the accident of the collision of a sudden or out on the road because the vehicle deviations others absolutely logical when jumping from the areas of high or an attempt to traffic from a narrow path without that collided with any hindrance of the numerous obstacles that fill the way Trip.

Beside the process of individual play the game provide played across the local network collective competitions with other players from all parts of the world, in different competitions in any way the hunt of the silver medal, gold in the process of playing the individual, where you need to do a large and continue to pressure the gasoline button without interruption, the use of the brakes once incorrectly enough the loss of the race and competition from the outset, there is also a private garage and a player from which the allocation and adjust cars.

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