Total War Warhammer – Limited Edition

Total War Warhammer – Limited Edition


Unlike previous versions, the Total War Warhammer to solve the major problem suffered by the series repeatedly in the past period, which available factions Act 16/1983 experience each other more than it should be,for example, game witnessed Rome II Attila many units that meet all in a limited number of categories which depends on the God of acute, and his counterpart, which possesses the same tool but the size of the largest, there is another unit depends on disarming the firing missiles finally cavalry category using the same manual disarmament but this time on horses.

In Total War Warhammer get rid of that problem through addressing a group of imaginary beings who move slowly, Knights of Pegasus orbiting in the air, while on the other side stands a group of the magicians were dependent on the orbs firearms to destroy the defenses of the liabilities, for those looking for more options to raise there vampires coming from the middle ages overwhelming majority, can be exploited in dramatic fashion through their military lineup infantry panels and the attack on the enemies into the battlefield to a pool of blood, those tactics new and diverse provided by the game and despite being imaginary but it feels the player as more appropriate for a series of Total War than previous versions adopted on the real history.

Those units and factions of diversified capabilities destined to be the star of supply without a competitor, the task forces were resource- brutal infantry division that moves slowly somewhat added method of playing a new type of clashes grenades adopted on the brackets and swords and spears, while the magicians teams specialized figures in the clashes hand grenades and provide the opportunity for the player on the pouring offensive weapons in the spots most flashpoints in the battlefield, the consequent decisive results and destructive to the litigant, at the same time you can keeps Cards blue chips to finish, or vampires owners of the special capabilities in launching a surprise attacks and disseminating havoc in large in areas that are attacking.

Those things all rationality which games room Rome 2 Attila adopted more on giving the opportunity to the player to control the small gatherings to impose tactical control on the arena, but here everything was permissible according to the style followed by the same player, and therefore the concept prevailing in the games room of this type, which concentrate on securing the front line as far as possible to ensure that preference, it is questionable health with Warhammer when everyone find themselves in a burning struggle for control of the map.

Although each of those factions without exception very fun when addressed and provides significant differences in the style of play, but they are few in number and the sites they boarded one and not changed at all, by the time you have played each category dozens of times, I was struck by the feeling that I have seen all possible campaign in a short period of time compared with the Total War Warhammer , especially series.

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