Full of the game of the Witness secrets and stunning mysteries and multi-layered which managed to infiltrate the chasing the routes across the mental illness has become so i see the maze literally every time the dozes off my eyes. This is the force that owned the Witness. We have great poems suiting game skillful designs and humorists have spectacular visual, then forced me to go ahead as the hardest way got goals on the island. It gives the freedom of large in an open world wide beckons for exploration at the same time offers you an enjoyable mysteries and challenging.

The World Of The Witness 3D fully to move by the perspective of the first person, but revolves around the gas solution maze and two-dimensional found around the island, terminated by drawing the right way as early as a starting point for round trip to the point of the end of the round tables. This extends the simple concept and intuitive rules and regulations of the approximately 700 mystery of thin slices across to the island of the mysterious witness. It gives you follow the smooth feeling by using the mouse and the remote control, accompanied by the effects of similar to the buzz and email. It was a tangible fun felt by communicating with these interfaces (interfaces) first feeling the query ambiguity sufficient because Of motivation in the first minutes of the Witness. But these mazes illuminated quickly become more sophisticated and complex where rules add new constraints to infrastructure similar Long ways and thus allow the emergence of severe challenges difficult at the same time gives you a feeling of satisfaction.

As there was sufficient matters to its vision or done behind the basic goals that I did not feel that the time spent wandering simply been a waste of time. I was a boat in a quiet trip around the borders of the island, and explore the remnants of the wrecked ship, then down to that hidden corridor underground discovered by the previous mission. I felt appreciated toward these quiet moments on the island as it did toward overcoming the most enigmatic puzzle, especially when you feel truly outstanding.

There are many things that can also miss (such as the secrets of hidden away behind more obstacles challenge in the island), but some of the most shocking discoveries were hidden under the eyes of all, what makes all return to the island as a new adventure. I think that the player would need in my appreciation to between 80 and 100 hours of play in order to be able to do everything to see everything here, but there was a satisfactory degree of topics and the evidence of the context in which enabled me to reach the end for the first time without that I feel that the Witness condemns me more answers. Do not lead story The Witness to the extent that they do this ambiguity and do not treat the story as a reward to your arbitrary, what there is only enriched satisfactory experience of the original.

Possesses The Witness strength and attraction of the induced me-hour most 40 hours duration of the end for the first time, which continued after Finish It to go back to solve the mysteries left without a solution. Create a structure consisting of concrete objectives and ambiguity, freedom and a lot of opportunities to achieve small victories moments of great revealed alike. Also for the bulk of the game, the topics weaving themselves beautifully through the fantastic world visually impaired and a wide range of different riddles, but even when it becomes difficult puzzle solution, this does not detract from the moments feel satisfied by the Witness when solution and the opening of the deepest secrets.

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