The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian


The game of The Last Guardian carrying tremendous expectations. It is not latest game (ICO, Shadow of the Colossus) Developer Ueda, but it was also under the pressure of the high expectations of fans since advertised since 7 years in 2009. But like most games experiencing development cycle is too long and, as such, stumble adventure game long-awaited in almost every aspect of it. It bore the brunt of the mechanisms of the old play, and severe story simplicity and predictable, what makes it very weak compared with some stories modern games which we saw recently.

In the game will play the role of a small boy finds himself in a cage with a giant monster seems as if it is a hybrid between a dog and. He was handcuffed to the ground, estuaries, therefore appear to be the spontaneous reaction to the first of these abandoned escape away from the theory of logical. But you quickly discovered that you will need to be approved in order to be able to escape from this prison ornate found yourself, thus feel compelled to edit and treatment of wounds recover advancing on the lists.

The game is based to a large extent on the creation of the association between the player and beast to legitimize the depth of the meaning of the story. But unfortunately, for at least, fail simply game. With reveal the ambiguity of the two personalities (which are listed across scenes prolonged filmmakers) found that the story is very simple and after one. There was nothing in the story makes personal or the beast accomidating for, despite the fact that the game is trying to raise some of the emotional scenes, but you feel that it imposed and easy to predict. It was possible to succeed so simple story in a generation PS2, but after dealing with the stories of very deep and many dimensions in the games during the past few years, appear to be an attempt to “The Guardian is very weak.

The other reason which made it extremely difficult for me to communicate with Trico (Monster) is that it is a very foolish miscalculation. It may be dealt with similar to the real interaction with pets, but an emergency landing to press the button repeatedly to get the attention of Trico while addressing all is for several minutes before its implementation does not make the game experience convincing very warm and inviting ambiance. There will be cases where you ride the beast and ordered him to move forward, but he may sit there swing its feathers as if he had not heard anything. It struck me this frustrated and hath made me wonder In this Game.

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