THE DIVISION Collector’s Edition

THE DIVISION Collector’s Edition


THE DIVISION Hasnew standards of collective action and excitement and tension for athletics pattern of multi-play online. In order to be able to be fair, this review talk frankly as possible about the reasons that made the game raises admiration to these large class so I hope that members your patience.

I am not personally of fans of adult games play pattern multi-online. I do not have enough time to play long hours in order to be able to lift my level and Ends BBC always eventual loss which makes me feel frustrated. I do not feel that the games of the multi-pattern of AOL fair to never always leads me to feel that I will not have the opportunity to compete and never teams. For this reason when the declaration, the game of the CDMA did not feel any Hamas. Presentations started new propaganda have sprung up and I did not feel the enthusiasm. I did not even want to do I review the game because I felt like I’d Hate Her’ simply because I would not be able to enjoy 19-21st.

Then issued beta changing everything. Played till the end since the moment I knew that this game – THE DIVISION – will be different. I will explain the simple words, managed to including failed by most of the other games

are events of the game in a copy of the New York City where the epidemic, leaving the city in a state of chaos. You are a member of the secret unit called The job is to restore order in the city and the struggle to maintain peace in the face of those who fired the deadly virus. Managed the game of the prisoners since the beginning of the visual language and the depth of the richness of its own. There are a lot of things I want covered on the game so sending me in my trip now.

The company to build a world full of parts of the story, has been much effort and ideas for the construction of the New York City after the end of the world. When moving in parts of the city will collect small pieces of information such as the echoes or recordings mobile phones , which is the formation of the full story of how the spread of this virus and the fall of the city. You will hear people crying for help and you will see the quotas are distributed, you will see the videos sobering control on people Gujarat riots kill civilians and the theft of their bodies. It also filled the city of New York stunning detail such as paintings and advertising posters promoting the products are not true. All these things airs spirit in the world of the game and supported by the information the story.

But not all information “optional”. Some of the information collected is of paramount importance for the game -THE DIVISION -. There is surveillance videos collected after specific tasks which serve as “cinematic scenes” story move forward. That the narrative technology these blends in well with the flow of the game and your Proms information right of indulging in the thrall.

The stunning graphics and did not test any reductions in the speed of the tires. The world appears to be true vibrant throughout the time played.

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