Steam Controller Sells 500,000 Units In short time

Steam Controller Sells 500,000 Units In short time


Steam Controller – In the Update the last test fired by a Valve company, then .Steamboat devices, which was issued in the 24th of the month of November has been added to the Utility feature of the device Steam Controller under the name of the Mouse Region.

Briefly make this feature is the experience of the use by remote control provided by steam similar to the experience of the use of computer mouse that we know and we have prepared for them.

Using this feature, the appointment of certain areas in the touch pad in the control tool when pressing the region directly the mouse moves to the device to the same region in the screen making move the cursor much faster.

The amendment to the touch areas freely until up to the areas for you. At the present time the update is available within the program of the chic Steam beta and still pilot project. It is worth mentioning that the possibility of entering program currently available.

All By governing sold gets us an opportunity to take some consensus relates to make by control better experience, we are working with the utmost effort of interaction with the community and we want participation by some of the developments in so doing we together

generally accepted that by the Special control with Steam has several advantages such as:-

  • support Steam VR
  • can game experience outside the fund such as: Dark Souls 3 and’s where and other games
  • work well with the rest of the Games.

Since the beginning of the steam control valve players encouraged the mod peripherals to their liking, but now the company promised that he will provide more configuration options with the future update. Will soon be able to use the so-called “commercial” to specify the procedures for tasks such as press on hold, double-click, and much more.

Steam Controller

In order to give an idea of the “sensitive role as a major engine for transformation”, uses the chastisement valve software as an example that the players will be able to navigate through the game the arsenal of wide range of before pressing the button one or two double beds wiretapping them to show BFG weapon for example. Not to mention that the company confirms its fans and passed before he added increase gaming support purchased outside of steam, as well as to developers XCOM headings such as 2 dark lives 3 “Adjusting the match to work better with the Controller.

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