The new stage – SKYRIM DAWNGUARD – is available after the arrival of the personality of the tenth level through talk one of the guards or guided tours, new addition is the two in one,while you Deep in the world to discover the truth behind the epidemic spread of vampires in a world Skyrim will learn a group of fishermen vampires, this group called Dawngaurd, you will have the option to fight with them or join life vampire to become one of them, choose to be vampire in the first experience and gave me the addendum eight hours of play, but using strong my earlier, was the strength of the attack and the defense and I need to travel between cities to sell or buy or working on me, it may vary the matter with you, you may get 10 or 12 hours of play to compromises, redoubled if You want to see the other side of the story, all for 20 dollars (75 SAR/Dirham), if you feel it short that because you are meticulously with Skyrim which is considered one of the longest games.


If you choose to play the game the hunter life vampire happy that you joined the group of Dawngaurd, will start the game events somewhat slow, space isn’t define the distinctive not except for some of the beautiful cave, the pace of events with your progress and begin the advancement of takes you in battles in the breathtaking, one of the most spectacular these moments when in the yard of a battle with a dragon subdued the skeletons of coming toward you, heavy rain and thunder hits these skeletons converted into ashes while you are fighting the dragon, another scene in the river frozen while fighting the mythological not one but two you Chamber shall reverse the dragon out of freezing river, trying to attack you, another scene is near the end of the game when with two monsters with your friend on the whole army enemies on the bridge, it is regrettable that the suffering of the game of the interrupted low The number of frames in the second in such major battles.

The distinctive side of the addendum is to choose the path of the vampire (game does not attempt to hide it for you, but offers you through vampires three times), section is completely different from what we return by Skyrim, thanks to the new skills obtained, you can turn to the leader of vampires which is extremely fun, you can fly or turn lining bats, of course you can feed we human beings, these new capabilities are very strong and enjoyable game system gives you a good development of this capacity.

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