Shovel Knight Reviews

Shovel Knight Reviews


Shovel knight is a new age game but has tried to incorporate characteristics from the past into a futuristic game and the result has been phenomenal. A true success story of melding the past with the current.

Remember the good old days of 8-bit and 16-bit video games, quest games that were fantastic.

Shovel Knight is a quest game where you pass through stages until you reach the end. Set in a remarkable fantasy land with truly magical characters. Think back to the days of games like Super Mario Brother where you bounce around and collect cash. The real weapon here is your ability to bounce; jump on top of your enemies to kill them, maneuver across gorges or spring safely across deadly spikes. Learning how to use the bouncing abilities to your best advantage is the object of the game as this is mostly realized by a number of people like it.

Just as in the older quest games, each stage is recorded by a checkpoint but is Shovel Knight you have the choice to forego the checkpoint and claim a heap of cash instead but should you die thereafter and before reaching the next checkpoint, you move further back in the game and need to redo certain parts of the stage. Another new addition is the fact that you lose most of you collected hoard of cash each time you lose a life. You have the chance to revisit the site and time you lost that life to try to regain your cash but obviously, there is risk involved.

Risk vs Reward is a very important factor to consider when playing Shovel Knight. Each time you die before reaching a checkpoint you are moved further back in the game to where your actual demise occurred and bearing in mind that playing time per stage is sometimes more than half an hour, this could become a serious issue and truly frustrating.

Another new addition which seems to run throughout all new video games is the fact that you are able to purchase equipment, weapons, and upgrades instead of having to earn them all.

As the game progresses you are able to buy more items, before the end of the game you will have had the opportunity to purchase everything available. Victory, in the end, is not as sweet as it could be if the rules of “olden day” games applied and you actually had to work for all the upgrades and features available.

Reviews on the game prove what we already know. The game is a fantastic and successful combination of old and new. Gamers enjoy the adventure, brilliant graphics, characters and settings but love the “old school” retro feel to the game.

Go “old school” and complete the game as far as possible without purchasing upgrades, weapons or equipment and resist the urge to seek help from the many online cheats and walkthroughs made available by avid gamers. Enjoy the adventure and the thrill of success but do it the “old school” way, on your own.

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