Resident Evil Zero -Gamecube

Resident Evil Zero -Gamecube


Resident Evil Zero Within the ongoing campaign to develop Re Master copies set off their old town, the US company of Capcom game of Resident of the GameCube remake of the Zero death (sorry to manipulate the words). While it promotes itself as a HD game, but the graphics did not change much. Still appear to be clumsy, but clumsy graphics improved. contain a greater degree of details, especially the palace rooms and luxury decorated walls and beautiful paintings, but this is the maximum improvement got it.

But do not let this be put off by playing the game. While the graphics may not be very exciting, but the mysteries is also certainly. It has enjoyed a lot when putting blocked methods and get to know how I am open. The mysteries challenging both i had resolved or collection purposes and gave me a feeling of amazing satisfied after the end of each and every one of them. Each time managed to discover the solution quickly, I feel that I am genius (and, if only for a short period of time).

Use the game dignitaries feature in a very smart, focuses on the mechanisms more and more with the progress of the game – Resident Evil Zero . I have always had the clues to home in this series has succeeded specifically version implemented, very well.

But the correction on the other hand, very bad.

Shoot toward anything be routinely and fight anything that moves is very bad. While I can say that the enemy designs have been implemented creatively certainly, but it is not a bloody one or frightening, and looks like a grim order hinder the enjoyment of a solution to the mysteries instead of working to strengthen the style of play. And does not expect a lot of terror in your way. Although the narrow corridors, nooks fixed cameras, frightening implications give to legitimize the ideal atmosphere of terror, but the Resident of the GameCube remake of the Zero was very tolerant, without that contain sufficient frightening moments in order to live up to the preparation of the games room “horror”.

Admire Resident GameCube Remake Zero HD any player who loves charade used two professing wisely in several sections of the game. The information collected by the curfew on the map and the collection of records is truly amazing and the story of the origin of the excellent series. But on the other hand, the story that play very weak, and personalities after one and corrigendum is very bad. And there is no fear in this game which classifies itself as the Resident Evil Zero  of horror.

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