Report of Umbrella Corps

Report of Umbrella Corps


Report of Umbrella Corps – From The failure to disappointed the hope of overlooking the US ancient company Capcom !! Unfortunately this failure comes in a new name but in the most famous name submitted by the company in its history !! The failure came in the game of Resident Evil !! Instead of preparing a ceremonial company and sudden fit on the series to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the year, have thwarted the players to part very bad does not fit to be linked to his name for a series of Resident Evil, however, let us know this failure and the company through a special audit on the golden games.
events of the game is not based on the main story or even related but multi-game players nevertheless taking place in 2015 after the end of Part VI, two years after the passage of 12 years of the collapse of the Raccoon City solar, however, there is some information and residue of viruses lost in the wreckage of the Raccoon City, and therefore there are some companies that seek behind these secrets detection for biological weapons , which invited some companies to bring mercenaries to appear and Raccoon City and the search for this information and secrets of making there was competition and wars against firms and between mercenaries and Zombies also exists in the city.
The Game of Resident Evil in this special part does not belong to the series in any form, but the company wanted to offer something new to commemorate the game using the name of the work of the multi-game players to fight zombies, although that was not the game in the open world but was inside the maps enumerated the expanding constellations play teams and they have to fight each other with fighting zombies, the game of the quality of the genre and Corrigendum to depend on the perspective of the third person during the course can switch designated disarmament of the right shoulder to the left.

But when we come to the correction you can shoot the perspective which without bringing the correction, if pressure on bringing the button will get a corrigendum to the perspective of the first person so that the correction to the objectives of the near clearly, thus we find that linked perspectives each you will, including diversity as fighting, at the outset will choose the personality and to join the group of these personal you can choose between the champions of the game known or personal configuration and also wants to form.

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