The Red potential salvation to remaster the leakage

The Red potential salvation to remaster the leakage


The Red potential salvation to remaster – E3 2016 after a few weeks, the rumor mill churning trouble started usually this time of the year. Many of the rumors about the rock star with fans wondered whether studio works since it issued Grand Theft Auto v through a variety of platforms.

Many fans in the hope of a return to the Old West with a new entry in the Red Cross and constructed sleuthing thanks to some of them Reddit user fans may words John Marston sooner rather than later.

It is worthwhile, W Colt user Reddit stumbled upon what many so-called screenshot of undeclared, no hesitation to remaster and salvation of the Red Cross. The user wandering around the former employee Clyne Rock star site died in a Snapshot, the stumbled a folder within a folder is password protected. Do not know the password, W Colt instead of the URL visual picture selected opened in a new browser window. Watch a larger size, the user is aware that the image of higher quality than in the original version of the game.

The other users notice subtle but important differences in the picture, as many believe that the version of the screen shots from the game works on the anger of the latest in engine Grand Theft Auto Reddit v. another user indicate color deviation can be seen on the poles and other objects in the picture, which is becoming a kind of al Qaeda in the latest games prevailing certainly current versions GTA V gen.

While all this may be very exciting, thing to remember here is that the image may not be what it seems. It also died Klein snapshot fighting appears in the Tesoro Azul boasts a privileged location liquidation, making it seem different, so that these pictures simply amend the concept of art original game.

Evidence of the possibility of declaring the Red Cross started to mount. The largest piece of the puzzle is to take some declarations is planning in the E3 this year. This is not common in private company rock star traditionally AIG event. The level of enthusiasm of the company leads many believe that some of the big names to be revealed in the addresses including the Red Cross the scapegoat to remaster and good governance.

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