The declaration of the game of THE PREY FOR THE GODS

The declaration of the game of THE PREY FOR THE GODS


PREY FOR THE GODS – it’s an Action game of the survival of unfolding in the snowy island gathered in the style of play between the Shadow of the Colossus, Deus Ex,DayZ And Bloodborne. Figure required to finance a copy of the personal computer is 300 thousand dollars, if access to 600 thousand dollars will be issued a copy appliances at a later time.

The main personal will go to the world on the brink of death to discover the secret behind the Winter which does not end there. You have to keep alive and face the risks to restore balance to the world.

Have the game to fight the monsters of the giants where you can Die Climbing, the world of ice sturdy features too vague, and the method of deep played a non-linear where you can choose how to accommodate your game where you can get weapons and new resources of adversaries, temples full of secrets and treasures, variable weather and the mechanism for the volatility of the day and night.

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