Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2


The Game of plants vs zombies is fun game and fighting a very wonderful. During this part will try to plants resistance after an overwhelming defeat in the previous section, so will the plants in the defeat of the zombies in that war or will defeat is the main address the tabloid newspapers today?

The those simple story after it defeated plants against Zombies and technically advanced which has advanced weapons from the Development Dr. Edgar George where jet plants in entering another war after they develop their weapons to cope with the modern war to reclaim their homes, their homes and so will the plants in the defeat of the zombies in that war or will defeat

when we talk about the stages of the development of the war game between plants vs zombies, we will find that the new part that exists between our hands was disclosed for the first time through the annual financial report of Electronic Arts where not through this report that this part will be complementary to the war that defeated the plants against zombies, on 8 June 2015 was the issuance of the first game trailer during the E3 2015 Thus, on 22 August 2015 during the Gamescom Exhibition 2015 was the announcement of the winner of the prior request a inspiring suit the game of Mass Effect new hero, the jinni finally announced the issuance of the game in the February 23, 2016.

When we talk about the way the pools game play through the first experience in the game and I can say that the game contained a few great ideas are excerpted from the many games correction is considered a corrigendum game from the perspective of a third person and is very similar to the third part concerning the correction where we find the circle of small mobile can make it stands on the target and then correction of killing zombies and the wonderful things in the game is the line of health who is at the bottom of the left of the screen is the hearts of the decreases when a battered by Zombies and when he reaches the heart or health of the least developed of the 30 points, we will find that there is a medical gauze placed on the heart to pay attention to the player of the extreme gravity of one of the most important factors of health, e to make and dispose of the Zombies whenever killed enemies will get a score increase of health, and the fight against the enemies to other benefits when kill some enemies points you will receive the axle BBC XP which help you in upgrading the Hilton Park.

During this part we find that there are six good plants have been added and the addition of other types of Zombies and we will find as we talked to each plants vs zombies techniques special method, and we will find other patterns such as the pattern of Garden Ops during this part and reverse the previous section, we will find that the pattern of individual play but to find that this part can play alone in all patterns without exception, one of the most important pattern is the pattern of cooperative play where the Display section of the missing is to restore our minds Playoff Game 1 which were all his wish speaking often include the pattern of cooperative play, and include the game 12 maps and more than 40 different personal and be present in the game at departure and will be issuing additional content continuously unfortunately That game support permanent contact with the internet access and former part.

plants vs zombies

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