PARALLELS CROSS – Crossfire is the corrigendum to the perspective of the first person online military topic told the CNN, named smile 1400 published G 4 Xbox. These include the game two divisions mercenary soldiers international tribunals in the war. Choose a role players from the black list of terrorists or Expendables international danger, then participate in the group of online cooperation is needed to complete the points on the basis of the missions.

Graphics stunning seem even if we did not consider identified with realistic figures so that you get a camera in the game scouting your favorite. Encountered many charming moments that I used all the images were available to me in the film and want to depict more.

It has been developing a mechanism for the infiltration well, when the to integrate smoothly with the place and is approaching a big distance from your only to eavesdrop, become a severe game excitement. If you feel a desire to search for more than secret means complex on the Elimination of your goals, it responds with an you happily game through the submission of many options.

PARALLELS CROSS a shift in the way the play, which was previously, where the game Dividedto different sites and varied, which will be issued to buy after the issuance of the game. The only good thing is that the game is not Force you to buy a package of 96.1, with each location to a significant number of tasks and objectives hidden which would make the players return to tasks repeatedly.

Take a closer look at the doorway And Other ways to the building ahead in the distance. Click on the Leaflet Cover in the top right corner of the steps to add it to your inventory.

PARALLELS CROSS software flaw is technical problems (bugs) occurring, some may Get You of immerse themselves in a game such as shots reach its goals despite the existence of a separating wall. Other problems less disturbing such as slow or stop the picture after ending the role. Perhaps the most disturbing problems was when i could not in one of the times to see inside one of the buildings, where totally suspended with the perspective toward the ceiling whatever I tried that as soon as the picture. Despite the fact that all these problems are grim slightly, but it did not really be able to stand in the way of interesting times and exciting nerve gas at the same time obtained.

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