Overwatch Soldier 76 ‘Hero’ new Trailer

Overwatch Soldier 76 ‘Hero’ new Trailer


Overwatch Soldier 76 -Snow Storm launch major bases today. The FPS declared multiplayer Internet access are all in 2014, born from the ashes of the now canceled MMO Titan’s demise. Two years of nature teasers reveal Betas, disagreements, and eyed later servers,and added that we live today at 4:00 PM PST in all parts of the world. But before that, the snow storm last chance before launch animation short entitled “Hero” and starring the soldier 76.

The hero to what is the story of a stand-alone, do not link directly in the events the three other shorts released animation blizzard until this moment. In Mexico City, which is also a map in two major bases and identifies a girl from her home to buy bags of flour. Similar to the events of the first major bases a trailer hitches girl in a larger conflict and the soldier 76 end… Well, there is in the title.

Greater links two major bases of the Universe does not clearly indicate in the framework of the “hero”, but he may be implied. For those who know the history of 76a soldier -Overwatch Soldier 76 – would be a better understanding regarding reservations and heroism. He added that the posters bearing inscriptions heroes with hinting at the global perspective of the Organization. Of course confrontation with the symptoms of the political climate on the sentient robots. It is a world major bases which has yet to be explored.

Overwatch Soldier 76

Overall, the “hero” video might not excitement other three shorts released a snow storm animation on two major bases, but certainly would be its fans. This clearly demonstrates the targeted marketing toward young audience, male and female, but also embracing the elderly most mature subjects related to racism, ethics, and heroism. A mixture of animation talents in the snowy storms, it is difficult to believe badly if it tried to video.

To be fair, video raised little controversy about writing. The White soldier punch old member of the Gang of Mexican incendiary almost a political statement, but considered the image of some harmful – especially in light of the upcoming elections in the United States – Overwatch Soldier 76 –

Snow storm did not comment on whether the latest animated short from two major bases in the following weeks, but they have plans more. Today live Q&A-amp,with large bases, Jeff Kaplan, the Director referred to the “season” another shorts. that is likely to rise, but left the rest of ambiguity.

Chen said today at 4:00 PM PST on PC, Xbox Playstation 4 one retail copies of the game, sent in early so that the restitution of players Gaming Keyboard or install the game early.

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