the new iron man Racism facing

the new iron man Racism facing


new iron man – personalities associated with the selected supermen heroes on the screen stratum, which sit under the mask but lost this association in the worldwe have seen in many in this setup faces changed once again see Thomas Wayne wears the cloak of his son, as we saw in the Flashpoint takes or even Earth also witnessed the violent attack obtained by Ben afflick when he wear the cloak of Christian Bill, and today is one of the major changes in the world of marvel where will put Tony Starkefforts on the side skysuits over his successor.

Declared Today Michal Brian Colquhoun Bendis that Tony stark would relinquish his role as the Iron man with the end of the preparation of the civil war 2 to take place in Samarra Girl, 15-year-old called Riri Williams, Williams was not genius of micro-enterprises like Tony but managed to establish a similar suit his in her home in the campus of this Tony decided to take it under its wing and gives it its capabilities and its role.

The idea came this from the ocean the author Bendis where He saw with his own eyes the injustice and try to make the world a better place for not only shut down the bad guys, but an attempt to provide more and more, the largestfears is readers elements who will face these figures many, many criticisms as happened with the great discovery, revealed by the Captain America since several months.

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