Need For Speed Review 2016

Need For Speed Review 2016


Need For Speed Review – Over 20 year, EA sought to provide different patterns of the game Need for Speed Review. Some of them got on our land, such as Most Wanted and Underground and other, others failed!This year the EA in cooperation with the Ghost Games to reviveseries a new form and patterns play more but not enough to bring them into the game of the race for the better – Need For Speed Review.

The positiveness of the game is the graphics voice psychotropic substances to be honest I blind of note that I hung in the two time periods from today (Night by dawn). The Game graphics as soon realism compared with games Need for Speed precedent in terms of lighting that underpins on cars or on the flooror the details of the crash of the vehicle in a collision and other. As for the sound gives you a sense of fun when in the race of speed, or when the engine roars hours starting your vehicle.

On the one hand the story is as usual boring and superficial, and what makes this hateful in the sight is the extent to which greater depth in an attempt to make themexaggerated. For example, the only way to know more information about new races is through the receipt of voice acques phone your laptop in the game, which means you will hear the voice of the vibrate phone more than once every 2 minutes. One of the things the amounts used issuch as (Hashtag) and (Selfie) and much more. Developed individual playing too short to be honest I could complete the %35 individual stage in one and a half hours (despite the presence of the five types of different races in the game). But eventually of us playing games Race For story?

Need For Speed Review

The method ofplay in the Need for Speed did not get a noticeable change or rather large. In terms ofdrive there are different ways (others minute in some instances) to make your valid method of the leadership of the Drift or Grip. The amendment feature conferance cars if you have the referencing what superficial or good condition of vehicles which make it easy in cases, if you love to vehicles or recover them the amendment would fail to satisfy your taste buds. As for the composition of the cars is good cafe available to satisfy all tastes of the players and whether they were junior professional or it is noteworthy that this part of the Need for Speed will not depend on the Feature Microtransaction any form Need For Speed Review

one of the thingsin the game is also needed in constant contact with the network (even if you want to play a single stage) which makes the playthose who possess the Internet is weak. In addition, will not be able to stop the game temporarily (Pause) in any form which hung up on ending any race before to stop playing to do anything else. The process of collective play makes you compete with other people on the network or allows you to configure your team with your friends to race against other players, but, unfortunately, is weak.

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