Necropolis Review

Necropolis Review


Necropolis Review – is a 3D role-play with a slow paced action combat developed by harebrained studios. The game features a minimalist lifestyle that you will either hate or love. You take control of an adventure and must travel

through a randomized dungeon fighting to hold off enemies while Necropolis clearly has Inspirations from the soul series.

You begin with a light attack and heavy attack and each swing drains your stamina. Both attack types can be charged for stronger blows. When stamina is consumed your maximum energy is reduced, eating food and drinking potions will counteract this effect. When an enemy is slain they will always drop the weapon they were holding so what you see is what you get, Unfortunately there are only a handful of weapon types in the game and most weapons are almost the same. There’s not much of a difference from faster and slower weapons. Most weapons have the same swing speed and may vary on how much you charge them.

While Playing Necropolis you may find yourself going into the same room frequently. Most enemies are not very different; they’re usually just humanoids that attack as soon as they catch up to you. The game also offers a co-op feature which may or may not be ideal depending on your playing Style .As for classes to choose from in the game there’s only one. The wielding of the sword around doesn’t have not much variety. There’s just pretty much charging the weapons and releasing a full blow and there was no magic involved unless you count the healing Scrolls. This makes the more melee focused.

For character customizations there are “Codex’s”. These are books that are unlocked by tokens you get by completing simple missions such as killing a certain amount of monsters or drinking a couple of potions. It would have been nice if players would have been given the option to increase stats maybe let players’ trade for less health and more increasing damage and stamina. This at least gives some sense of customization to the player. In general the game is just too easy, this is due to the two major factors, one enemy just don’t do a lot of damage and secondly you get so many healing items that you can heal anytime.

You can heal with Incredible ease and have gets to the point that that It really doesn’t matter If you were dying because you’ll have enough potions to heal. The game has is kind of boring because it almost gets repetitive and you know there’s no threat because enemies won’t attack you unless they’re up close.

In conclusion, game play is about 3-4 hours and if you’re looking to for a one-time deal, Necropolis is for you. While there are many titles out there that offer multiple game play, Necropolis is for gamers that prefer to have to worry less about completing missions and quest, and more of just that good ol monster slaying. And there you have it guys, keep on gaming.

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