Mortal Kombat XL

Mortal Kombat XL


You cannot talk about fighting games without the mention of Mortal Kombat XL it has existed since the outset maintained presence in the center of the rugged terrain and managed to well-deserved feature outperformed clearly on all games different fighting issued generations today we issued new parts and new addition to add a lot of new figures in the beloved today talking about the Mortal Kombat XL and X.

cannot talk about the story extensively in the games room for fighting and usually does not developed the story is what will tempt you for this type of games but Mortal Kombat was able to provide the story developed well and enjoyable stay without getting out of the text, from the usual story of the series in general.

The story events taking place after the defeat of the Shao recent Kahn two years where the land was attacked by Shinnok nonsensical devils monsters not only Shinnok only of violating rules in this attack but was summoned Earth Warriors of the dead to be part of his army to devise our heroes Johnny Cage, Sonya blades, and among the Kenshi Raiden in confrontation with old friends they Scorpion, Sub-Zero, and Jax after team was able heroes of the defeat of their enemies and things to normal imprisoned Shinnok In Magicthe rest of its soldiers on the ground in a period of peace for 20 years, during which he marries Johnny cage from the Sonya blades commander of a new generation of our heroes and Cassie who will be trained to face rebellion which occurs in the Nether realm so that they can install Kotal Kahncurrent and future and the preservation of the Treaty Peace begin surprises others expected the story starts right in emerging we believe the group of new heroes of Cassie, Takeda, Jacqui they use their powers and their families in the fight against evil.

Among the new additions in the game also Living Tower which takes the idea of challenge tower but gives some little life, each Tower various has a wide variety of figures that changed according to share your is also changing the attributes of the tower after each could win achieved may find the gravity loses its meaning in some places or increase slightly, of course the game has a wide range of personalities that you can play with a wide range of personalities old and new game library containing personal 32 plus 4 new figures with update XL.

The Working Group remains the largest contributor to the atmosphere which puts you in the game is Amazing and techniques used its depends on hard Unreal Engine 3 very distinctive which gave us a lot of distinctive games previously and shows the strength of this truly engine in the environment surrounding the game combat movements of the final or different Fatalities for each character as they appear in the capacity to the diversity of different graphics in different All-Star game in the environment and the atmosphere, which is different for each arena, there is no great difference in the soundtrack or sound effects of previous parts it became clearer and more accurate than in the past.

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