MIDDLE EARTH SHADOW OF MORDOR – Revenge is always makes one blind to what! ! But there is a revenge for the inevitable because of the circumstances in which they are located !! But when the two meet to avenge the situation becomes the worst and most dangerous!! What is the mind that Monday dead and seek revenge!! How this they are dead? It is very simple when Enters World of legends and charm will not find yourself in wondering what they see!! Willdead person was strongly nagging dread that the ghost of seeks is also the revenge, therefore, that we will retaliate the two together to learn that continued with us this review through the network of the golden games….

The game – MIDDLE EARTH SHADOW OF MORDOR – in the period between the events of The Hobbit and Lord of the device attached to, where the charming official Gondor Section MontenegroMordor here the role of the hero of the game Talion who owns the ghost of head of the land of Mordor featherweight eliminator him the

MIDDLE EARTH SHADOW OF MORDORĀ  is the quality of the genre open world which is slightly approach to systemsgame is largely similar to the way the world open the game of Batman, but here the situation will differ in the environment of the game open, but fighting system similar, Krakover depend on the perspective of the third person to playboth dead so as to play the main hero of the MIDDLE EARTH SHADOW OF MORDOR and inside the ghost of the genie that makes you use other methods of other powers in the game, Krakover was not a simple as Batman is of Games Complex emergencies in the way in which use a wide variety of the buttons and movements in the game will explain this diversity in a simple helps you in understanding the game and identify the colorful style very weird and wonderful makes you enjoy everything in the game.

Krakover at the outset cruiser in the educational stage before the death of the hero and his family but after this would be the hero with the ghost of revenge from the armies of the evil, game and we talked about is the open world but the average so as to find a specific small maps to places to go in all the map will find you Tower having climbed activation until they learn the places of holdings in all the map of such as doctrine of killers, certainly with the presence of a large map an open world, you will have to follow more than the way to access your key including Facing Beasts Vulnerable Groups the giant, as we talked about the system of fighting similar Batman game but will catch the sword and striking enemies consecutive strikes for the gathering of the largest number of XP version, which enables you to upgrade the skills of the hero of the new movements or development The Ghost Inside, all of this would be useful in the fighting so as to speed up the process of killing many enemies that surround you.

With the presence of the World Open multiple maps you will tower opened all the road map so you can travel from one place to another phone rapid travel, because the game will have a great many tasks even were simple with side tasks and challenges of the very strong to kill enemies or beasts giant, therefore follow a meter gauge that appears to go to the main task of the yellow color, either the red color is the challenges the white color of the side tasks

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