Mafia III – Deluxe Edition

Mafia III – Deluxe Edition


Mafia III – Since the end of the second part of the game of the mafia of everyone awaits the third part impatiently, Krakover was carrying a lot of advantages and the story which players, after the end of the development of the game of the GTA it is expected to issue a new part of the series of the mafia, before Gamescom Exhibition 2015 have confirmed their presence in the exhibition and here we see the new part information new story will we look through the network of the golden games -Mafia III -.

The story of the mafia in this part are variable in the new city in the 1960s, 1968, so as to play the man Lincoln Clay Black skin, who returned from Vietnam War, although he was born orphan without the family went to the city of New Orleans to join gangs and brown this make it close to the mafia, often led to engage in fighting with the Italian Mafia, causing him to be a small family resist this mafia completely dismantled.

This time the mafia to discuss the major issue without conflicts the mafia, the ethnic conflict so that witnessed the 1960s some persecution multifunctional dark skin in America, we have witnessed a white police harasses a black man without reason, some slogans racism, although the Lincoln was of the view that the scene and could intervene, but police at the scene that was strongly attack and arrest you must, therefore, this will be a complicated situation in the game and it is possible to make a state of panic among the Niger-delta.

The game will be similar in style the former part with the style of the GTA also so will depend on the perspective of the third person personal appears almost completely with varied correction of arms so that you can correction one, however, and you, assaulted the enemies rapidly or normal correction you have a large arms and offer we have seen that the hero carrying two only with some bombs found it used the old weapons of a gun and a rifle, a machine gun, as we have witnessed attacks bicyclists nightclub guard stabbed him more to stab him with stealth the router can therefore be a player that goes naturally to the consideration of the enemy and then overruled him with a knife to slay clandestinely.

After that we have witnessed car chases between gangs so you can the corrigendum to hire enemies or collision, you can also be corrected on the framework of the cars to make you turn against a very realistic as we have seen, as well as you can jump out of the speeding vehicle collide enemies and save your life, as well as former such as you can the corrigendum to hire enemies suspects and this brings us to a summary of what was stated in the exhibition of modern and videos on the game and we wish that the view to inform you and God talk about it in a detailed way stronger than that immediately following the issuance of any new Mafia III.

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