MAD MAX – CERO Rating “Z”

MAD MAX – CERO Rating “Z”


MAD MAX It’s a game on the hopeless. The trying to search for the goal to stick in a world of murder and chaos, and then watch your goal turns to ashes between your hands. But this suffering deeply buried in an adventure that needs to be explored through every moment spent Max in wasteland.

For Max the attempt to escape from the wasteland is inevitable, lost his car and was about to lose his life by Scabrous Scrotus war prince city of Gas Town. Fortunately, the Chumbucket Max finds is sincere hero who deserves a Magnum Opus – the greatest vehicles in wasteland.

Unfortunately this suspense at the outset disappear until the last moments before the end of the game almost returns of suspense dramatically. And when seeing how per credits have been affected by a real story of Max, but I wish more of this suspense during the 30-40 hours I spent in play. Almost everything and all personalities to suit the special atmosphere of wasteland. The game is lively and this is what distinguishes Mad Max, although volatile rate of frames and some of the physical movements invasive alien species.

In addition to the wasteland there is a group of mechanisms and unique play the game and the completion of more challenges and that you have made Griffa – a type of points to increase the capabilities of your personal -. And you also have the collection of scrap Scrap to raise the level of arms and shields and tools, movements and hostilities, even the form of Max. And this applies to the vehicle Magnum Opus where you can literally built from scrap and the purchase of such things as Nitro furans, Spear and spears explosives and nails and body armor and tires and the defender side. And each of these additions change game experience in an unbelievable way.

Fortunately for us there are many things to do. In a long process for control of wasteland and elimination of the warlords by destroying their headquarters, killing criminals have burning fuel depots and other much. All these distinct activities and an enjoyable stay, but it starts to suffer from some repetition in nature in the long term.

Fighting in the Mad Max is one of the most important points of the game. Both behind the steering wheel or walk away, there is a great sense of destroy members of the various guerrilla Roadkill, Buzzard and Scrotus. Manual fighting seems familiar where a flurry of attacks and responses, with some differences when the use of weapons or the movements of the death penalty or serial attacks or pattern of Fury, which prevents Max to killing machine that cannot be stopped.

Fighting vehicles speed features and offers the action of the excellent .where you can collision with other vehicles or the use of the spearheads the withdrawal of vehicles, wheels, even the drivers of vehicles of the enemy, or the bombing of the drums of fuel using there is no shortage of innovative means of destruction on the road this is necessary to eliminate the gangs deployed in various parts of wasteland.

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