There are more than one hundred Character you can discovered in that LEGO MARVELS AVENGERS , during the game you will have to engage in the adventures of the game of tens of hours you attempt to obtain personal next game, where you will be able to open all of the personality of the game figures separately through engaging in the adventures of the game, taken that the method of the game clearly as used in the Lego games, style and played many figures close to a large extent.

Those lines mentioned above could apply to all versions of Lego games and especially the game of the guise of flour, which is the latest version of the Group Lego games – LEGO MARVELS AVENGERS – , where you can predict all about the game through committed to its experience, therefore, is not a new version of Lego games or Religious Avengers also called a great addition despite the excitement which might feel during your experience with those of the game.

That does not change that the game of Lego include many interesting moments sarcastic content, and that she had heard of before, in addition to the simple diversity in played by new Lego where you run the battles with the hordes of enemy soldiers with the heroes, and you will have for a group of mysteries through the levels of the game, each a hero of the game is able to do something for you to help you, for example “Starck” capable of reform of the machinery, while another hero is able to infiltrate behind enemy lines.

The style of the fighting is very simple, and limited to the method of killing one and sophisticated, in addition to the simple approach could lead individual movements for the player to combine more than a movement for more than a hero of the game – LEGO MARVELS AVENGERS – , for example, can lead beatings through the hammer of Thor shared with the shield of Captain America to the immense blow eliminate many of the enemies, and it is the discovery of more such methods of hostilities over the levels of the game, failings on such methods the major combat it without any motive for that where you will not lose much if it lost one of the abode in the game.

Simplicity which game is not lacking a lot of fun game as it could not be denied that the game of Lego Religious Avengers remains one of the most interesting games, where the pleasant sequence in the game takes you to the world of a distinctive from Worlds of Fun Lego, and that the game simulates real events movie group of famous Religious Avengers and had already occurred in various parts of the scenes of the movies.

There are many events that starts the game in the connected to the player which may find some of the players have lost of some parts of the Film Religious Avengers part I and Part II, in addition to the Film Captain America, for example After Long Waiting Gets Captain America on the dance of The Peggy Carter, the scene of the awaited by many of the films lovers Captain America but apparently became impossible because of the different era, Captain woke up to find America itself.

At last Lego Game New Religious Avengers play pattern open, would patrol this time New York streets all freedom with a group of choices available between your hands to do with different personalities in the details of the city of New York, therefore you add the game more fun during levels.


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