The Legend Of Zelda : Breath of The Wild

The Legend Of Zelda : Breath of The Wild


At this year’s E3 conference, Nintendo singlehandedly blew the crowd away with the reveal of the newest addition to the Legend of Zelda franchise : Breath of the Wild . If anything, the game itself promises to be a worthy addition to the series and lore and, interestingly enough, will be departing from the classic Zelda formula we’ve all known and loved all these years.

But first, the technical details. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is set for release on March 2017 for Wii U and Nintendo’s upcoming console, the NX. And while it may not come soon enough to boost the Wii U’s waning popularity, it will definitely be a terrific launch title for the NX. The budget for this game is astounding. According to Nintendo, The game requires selling at least 2 million copies for it to be considered successful; but if I were Nintendo, I wouldn’t be too worried about reaching this milestone. After all, this is The Legend of Zelda we’re talking about here!

The Story – Legend Of Zelda –

Nintendo didn’t dive too deep in the game’s story during their reveal at the E3, but they did show many of their classic landmarks, such as Hyrule Castle and Death Mountain, looming ominously on the horizon. The story they showed began with Link awakening at the Shrine of Resurrection. After a few seconds, he donned a brand new set of hero’s clothing and set off to explore the world. Along his journey through they open world, Link will travel through disheveled structures and buildings, and meet new NPCs that will hopefully shed some light on the cataclysm that has afflicted the game world.

The Gameplay

As mentioned above, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has shown to depart from the classic formula that every of its previous titles have followed. Instead of the game leading you to your objectives 1 by 1, Breath of the Wild throws you into a sprawling open world just shortly after completing the tutorial level. In this world, you will find gorgeous scenery, open fields, enemy encampments, and a plethora of resources which you will have to scour carefully, as they will be vital to Link’s success. This leads us to the next new mechanic; crafting.

Yes, you read that right. For the first time ever, Link will have a deep level of customization options for his clothes, weapons and general inventory. Whereas on other titles you were stuck with the classic green tunic and Master Sword for the most part, the reveal at E3 showed that this was not the case in Breath of the Wild, as Link could switch gear and clothes on the fly; he could even pick up fallen enemies’ weapons in the heat of combat!

The movement mechanics have been revamped this time around. In the past, Link was mostly grounded; climbing in Zelda games often felt primitive and unintuitive, jumping was non-existent except in certain occasions, and swimming was even more limited. In this new installment we were shown Link racing across surfaces, climbing on sheer cliff walls, and generally moving around more smoothly than other games in the series. Think of it like Shadow of the Colossus meets Legend of Zelda in terms of movement mechanics.

Breath of the Wild will feature a dynamic environment system, where every action the player does affects his surroundings immediately. One of the most iconic piece of footage that was shown in the E3 reveal was of Link using a torch to light a patch of tall grass a-la Farcry 2. The wind in the area would affect the fire and cause it to spread in the respective direction; which is pretty great and immersive in the world of videogames.

If all these changes are overwhelming you, don’t worry. The game will still feature its classic dungeon system, but there will be so much more to do when going from place to place, that we are afraid we won’t know where to start!

Last but not least, Breath of the Wild will feature several dozen Shrines of Trials scattered across Hyrule. These are mini-dungeons of sorts that will serve to challenge the player’s skills, and reward them with optional prizes and achievements.

We are definitely excited for Nintendo’s newest installment in this beloved franchise, and can’t wait to get out hands on a copy!

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