JUST CAUSE 3 -Xbox One

JUST CAUSE 3 -Xbox One


JUST CAUSE 3 – Starts the story of the game with Rico whore turn to the Medici to find his friend Mario in who implicated him while fighting the enemies of the rebels. Having joined the rebel group to get new said it (the hook plane returned explosives) you will find yourself compelled the liberation of the cities to be able to progress in the story and learn more makes you focus on the liberation of cities to stay focused on the story. The story begins generally similar to the Mexican series but at the same time in terms of the dialog to the statements made after the liberation of all his colonist. Even dialogs to Lebanese and its significance for all.

The method of playing depressed somewhat, because the magical while moving in one way or another that managed the hook or vehicles (whether they hire, bicycles or planes or vessels to navigate in mentioned, this thing mesli firstly, but with the progress of the time you will find yourself compelled the liberation of the colonies of more than to be able to use the feature Fast Travel. The Medici Island is very huge, which makes the periods of moving between the cities and the somewhat longer. As for the liberation of the colonies and you’ll encounter resistance in their release and you are on the ground even if used rocket launcher of is a cafe to protect yourself from the enemy. Here you will find yourself compelled the use of aircraft or helicopters for the liberation of these settlements.

But at the same time, the Game gives you a sense of creativity in the bombing of the colonies or even enemies killed this sweetest the game. But the way to liberate the colonies do not change and you will feel it after however short. Where you must exploding fuel tanks and communication and other to liberalize these.As challenges, it gives you more reasons to flight or murder or explosion to get tools


graphics renewed in the game succeeded in delivering Island of Medici until the explosions. As long as you wander in the cities you will find that the speed of the tires and constant. But once it starts to release his colonist or the bombing of the different things around you will find problems in Tire speed this problem in a copy of the PC and the console.

Just Cause 3 contains an big had many works opportunities outbursts many places story in some cases and the sense of creativity in the liberation of these settlements what it embellish but problems technology in the magical destroy player with the time you will feel tired as you play of the large.

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