Homefront The Revolution

Homefront The Revolution


If you like to sum up Homefront The Revolution in one sentence, will be: It Far Cry in the region after the war. But despite the similarities with games correction from the perspective of the person other first and the large number of technical problems (glitches), but I still feel it somewhere in its depths still there is a game worth playing.

The story of the Homefront The Revolution interesting, they are talking about the United States of America, which was hit by the North Koreans, in addition to the revolution of the United States against them. Will play the role of 1989, a hero silent came to the city, just like any FPS game, rise to the high level of the Organization easily, but you still to implement the smaller missions.

A map of the game is divided into areas: red areas of serious war, yellow and more environmentally friendly slightly, and green contain buildings with impressive architecture and the security protection more difficult. The specific tasks such as the elimination of snipers or adjust the radio to the channel of the revolution or the destruction of weapons and forces of the Korean People’s Army (KPA) will increase among the “Gray and Minds”, which will change the people’s fears about not to participate in the revolution to start riots spats. You can then use this for your convenience to control more fortified areas, which in turn will liberate the region.

There was specifically things on this game. I: The Red war really change your point of view when compared with the regular games. There was a feeling of excitement in that the person who carries the weaker weapons, and awaits the darkness and through the rubble and destroyed buildings. Second: The allocation of stunning weapons. You can open a weapon, and then to buy (several Amendment) (conversion kits), it is not logical, but he is great. It i have for example a pistol, which used several amendment to a machine gun small (SMG), and changed the standard rifle to Marksman rifle. Can also be your command to change the arc small flame launcher, why not?

Now let’s move on to the negative things encountered in the game, have played Homefront The Revolution on the deck of PS4, has been very surprised when it noted a significant decrease in the speed of the tires when the explosions or if you change the weapons, or even when you are driving the trees quickly. It was not to occur in the middle of the genre disturbing, but also made me out of the stage of stop the play for some time. And the intelligence of artificial enemies not also be better, where we find that the forces of the Korean People’s Army could be very bad in the corrigendum when you completely, but for some reason, a soldier in the KPA to fire to me in the head from a very far distance i am the trees.

The game is full of technical problems (Glitches). We see the forces KPA attached in the doors or through alleys. Also, it is common to disappear figures from simply ahead of you. Sometimes I felt grateful for this log created.

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