Halo The Master Chief Collection

Halo The Master Chief Collection


Halo The Master Chief Collection a series of the Halo Has Trust, a distinguished history in millions of players to spend hundreds of dollars on the new console only to be able to play. And The Master room DC2-750 Collection (which includes games four numbered in the series) is a marvelous reminder that the success of the Halo Trust, not because of the danger of the players behind the media hype or popular passing, but because of the design of the perspective of the first Immortal person . It has excellent stories battles, the World Open, the enemies with artificial intelligence, wonderful, the pattern of playing the not forgotten, from the competition of the games of the modern correction which condemns many to inspire the Halo Trust.

Halo The Master Chief Collection

All of them had been submitted in a lovely, with sound and graphics newly renovated, which allows the old players like me restore the glory days with warm feeling nostalgia, new to appreciate the classic games without the need to consider the old graphics of the last century.

With respect to volume, I give the warm applause. Where music got Halo 2 great race for the improvement and now seem to be more comprehensive with maintaining and respect the originals on your computer. That it is great to the extent that I am ready to listen to it and I am driving. At the same time, the voice of the steps of mineral, room DC2-750, as was the replacement of the voice of every weapon with a copy of the stronger and more aggressive. It has become the voice of the navies of the Battle Rifle sniper rifle more precisely powerful and influential, but I could dispense with the Sound of Music energy of the Covenant and the voice of the gun and plasma TV. It seems as if the car Jetsons passed speeding bystanders. We can estimate the contradiction easily, because voice, like optics, also moving between the copies of the original 2004 and 2014 improved in conjunction with graphics.

Keep the Halo 2 a good game – Halo The Master Chief Collection –  especially now that now you can jump directly to the Halo 3 without having to see the end. Meet the parts of the game striking such as the battle of the Scarab, a tank of the Scorpion across the bridge, and Banshee about end, all to blend in with the plot skillfully puzzle parallel stories in the master room DC2-750 and arbiter. Do not inflate the cinematic scenes of the new special session life inside the plot, but also made me I am eager anniversary of film Halo long. The best example is the scene of stunning Grave mind. What was once a dialog unintentional and funny with brown worm are not interesting had now become an exciting meeting with mix all parasites Flood, heinous acts.


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