A Gameplay Trailer for GTA Online’s Next Expansion

A Gameplay Trailer for GTA Online’s Next Expansion


GTA Online’s – In the wake of the Declaration of Take-two Zelnick Executive Director Strauss that major theft on the Internet may eventually need some concession for the rest of the developers Rockstar Games extinguish examining the next expansion at GTA 5 players, dubbed “More adventures element in the funding of the commission of a crime”, describing him as “one of the Grand Theft Auto on the network of greater and deeper updates” Rockstar release of huge update next Tuesday June 7.

The building along the lines of GTA Online’s add-ons such as executives and other criminals Update, which came in 2015, More adventures in funding a felony is ready to give players an opportunity to expand esque characters mafia networks to become as Executive Director of the indigenously developed as “criminal acts”. Bearing this in mind, fans in another Game put on the Internet will be able to buy high offices, so the store and sell articles imported or exported illegally.

As indicated in the trailer below, the modernization of Grand Theft Auto on the Internet would be a player disable tribes and other criminal acts which tried to compete in the same business transfer of illegal materials but also lovers of the acquisition of a slew of new vehicles such as Pegassi reaper. In addition, Rockstar is proud that more adventures in funding a felony will include new challenges the functions of senior figures, and much more.

GTA Online’s

Of course, the rock star initial implementation with Grand Theft Auto Freemode online, adding events update next week will be available only for the players who possess the game on your PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox. With this in mind, this should be the awakening of those stuck in the last session of the next generation to upgrade as soon as practicable each studio on the planet, almost completely prevent developing countries PS3 and Xbox 360.

Whatever the case, the rock star in Take-two the support of Grand Theft Auto on the Internet will not seek forever the imminent enlargement of the decline in the next few days, it seems that the situation will not in any place and at any time soon. In addition, since several players born more than half a billion dollars, it would be strange for developers to kill GTA funded through the internet before the opportunity to redouble those figures.

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