Grand Theft Auto 5 – xbox360

Grand Theft Auto 5 – xbox360


Grand Theft Auto 5 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in September 2013 we have as a masterpiece inaugurated a sign of 10 to 10, to transmit to you a summary of what we said at the time:

Grand Theft Auto 5 is not an interesting game but is also meaningful irony of the US society contemporary game tops Grand Theft Hotline at Auto 4 in everything has been designed with partial carefully considered large and very large, where the world of the game was not there is unprecedented in size and in terms of the details and tell the story of an enjoyable stay gives you the freedom to do which, it is one of the best PC games in history.

All what we have said previously is true for a copy of the personal computer, let us stress that this is the best where Rockstar exploited the technical capacity of the platform provided us with optimal experience in terms of the ratio of tires and accuracy (even the accuracy of the 4K ) and the possibility of viewing multiple screens, add to this the world open city of Los Santos all accurate details, which means that the PC is the only place that you can play by Grand Theft Auto 5 by 60 or more which makes the leadership and shooting a wonderful experience.

Options for multiple graphics and detailed range from accuracy to amend a vision, can also be allocated to the control buttons you can listen to your private radio game.

The lists are good and easy to use with the mouse but may face a problem in the review of the goods shops, for example by using the mouse compared with D-pad or stocks but every possible confirmation, which is natural because the game is not designed for the PC origin.

On the other side, use the mouse to correction is very pleasant but makes it easy fighting something, I do not pretend that I is a professional in the correction but I noticed I spend most of the enemies one bullet, especially when the play pattern of first-person this does not mean it cannot be overcome to you because the authorities will not stop coming alongside until the smuggling or die and will remain a fun challenge exist across the vast numbers of the enemies.

There are some beautiful additions to a copy of the computer for the control process for example, you can press the Shift key for jogging or pressing the Caps Lock in order to activate the capacity for all the problems of the pattern of first-person in PS4 and Xbox has been resolved in a copy of the personal computer.

The beautiful things that I liked at Grand Theft Auto 5 was also in GTA 4 You can transfer of control by using the mouse and keyboard to control but directly control there is no need to go to the list for the switch, just press the tool that you want to control and you’ll see note on the screen tells the quality of the tool used by which was very important in the game of easy to where the correction by using the mouse and keyboard and leadership using a hand control.

For GTA Online’s has suffered from some of the interruptions and delays but I think that it is normal for the game online 30 gathered together player. The amazing thing here is the number of different activities.

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