God of War

God of War


The game – God of War – in the Scandinavian Mountains inhuman but lovely, Coolio God of War many stories on the history of the framework envisaged by the game. It has been improvingmovement to a large degree to support more axle 360 degrees so that consideration of around you easily. In doing so will be able to analyze the sites you find yourself by and explore the secrets to bear. Whether the effects of an ancient civilization or funds hides valuable treasures, game invites you for exploration and scuba diving deeper in the world of Kratos.

As music plays a major role in the formation of the pace of the game. Add the beautiful orchestra deep force drama for each position. The scenery of hostilities is imbued with the subject of almost legendary either emotional scenes are rich in causing nostalgia. The Santa Monica an amazing job in the provision of original music blend in with the general atmosphere and legends in the game.

That the word “mixed” on the life of the family Kratos may be disregard reality. Without the niggers much, the relationship with parents and the explosives. Now when seen with his son, comes to mind million question, first and foremost: is the mother? But before we reach there to let in what we can learn from the presentationDemo advertising.

The eldest son is Rafik will join us in this adventure, there will be in many cases moments in the style of play which he knew where his son Kratos lessons about staying alive. We saw in the supply of publicity speaking with his son, proves 2.83. This will be an interactive moments instead of the cinematic viewer, which would put the player directly in the atmosphere of the interrelationship between the father and son. But these moments will affect the game in general because the skills are taught the son would be beneficial during the game.

Will possess Kratos and his son both the skills of upgradeable, which eitherwalking through the environment or through a more directly. As the son upgrade skills, usefulness increased during the fighting. As described Santa Monica, there would be “a button for the son” which can be a player used to ask the son to the specific goals faced by Kratos. But to what extent can use the skills of the eldest son? We still do not know it, but the fact that we can be upgraded to tell us that it could be certainly help we can count on.

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