Firewatch game is one of the games you do not get a huge number of propaganda before issued by but surprises everyone for their beauty. I do not remember the first time I heard them but I know I was enthusiastic about it in a manner not portable when i come date of issuance. Although the enthusiastic intensity may lead to disappointment, Firewatch exceeded my expectations.

Focus of the game in the wilds of picturesque Wyoming and tell the story of Henry and the acceptance of a post of Controller fires to escape its problems during the period of his leave the control tower to achieve in some of the horrific events in the jungle. Your job is to explore the forest mystery which displays your life and the life of Delilah danger.


The beginning is impressed by the Firewatch novel of her story and the extent of its proximity to the reality. interviews and their interaction with each other appeared spontaneously, true even itself seems to be a deep and be sheltered and disadvantages. Here you will find yourself identifies personalities full manifestations – the first half hour you know before.

Realistic these figures continue the improvement during the game, as being exposed to some positions reveals new faces its multiple voice representation from representatives of the key figures of this development will help.

Use the realistic Firewatch personalities to create a disparity between them and graphics engineering views and fraught with strong colors, which gives the beauty of nature. And art unique of its kind extends to all sites in the game from the sky stars to green forest small room at the control tower, the balance of the depth of the VIP Room Facilities and the seriousness of their problems and make a scary mood.

Graphics stunning seem even if we did not consider identified with realistic figures so that you get a camera in the game scouting your favorite. Encountered many charming moments that I used all the images were available to me in the film and want to depict more.

You have to rely on the map and the compass only to navigate around the beautiful wildlife only with civilization is used by radio to communicate with Delilah. The method of playing fun and easy-to-use developers was able to reflect the way in which the use of walkie-talkies perfectly.

The story narrated normally while you are navigating in the wild story is charming and proceeding at a good pace. Whenever the deepening more jungle trekking, whenever become mysteries more but felt that the way of solving the mysteries was disappointing somewhat especially after the terrible events that preceded it. You watchful terrible solution and the forces of these events but did not get it. The end of the story effective but not fascinate me entirely.

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