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Final Fantasy XV


Final Fantasy XV shows everything you want in the game of RPG. When it started to play where I didn’t know what to expect. Has greatly Change game after many years of what would have been the origin of the Final Fantasy Versus XIII, not propaganda presentations copies of the phrase ‘remaining enough to review what will be the game. I write this review after I spent more than 50 hours just over the game has enjoyed every second. Read the revision to find out the reasons.
Final Fantasy XV speaks about story three friends Ignis, Prompto and Gladio who come in an attempt to reunite with the princess Lunafreya elimination of military Empire Gladio. Where it was an empire Gladio destroys causing damage to corruption in the Kingdom of Lucis, it is the duty of the prince stopped and restores peace.
The story does not provide in general nothing new, but that the themes in fact seem very familiar compared with addresses Square other Japanese. But the mechanisms of play and the crew of the colorful figures make them the story of the tempting you forward during the game. Prepare yourself for the scenes of an emotionally charged mysterious motives, intrigues, suspicious and much more. The story of Final Fantasy XV strong pillar game excellent umbrella to make it hold together.
The Final Fantasy XV made an excellent work in building a solid foundation and convincingly. Vivid map life scenic which extends across environments natural views different, where the face during your trip deserts and forests and the Rocky Mountains and the islands and major cities and caves dungeon, under water and even also volcano. There is great diversity in the scenes of yourself from across the world and the beautiful Eos, will face in each environment different 1959’s which belong to that environment. Will never felt that you are in the same place or you are with the same matter.
It also offers fighting side by side with your friends more opportunities. You can activate the linked attacks” where you and your friends simultaneous movement causing more destruction. You can also benefit from the mechanisms of your friends. Every person in your own private movement you can ask them to play, which causes the destruction of more than even the enemies and leaving them open to the strong attack. To increase the strength of your friends would have more capacity-building very during the battles.

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