FAR CRY PRIMAL – Standard Edition

FAR CRY PRIMAL – Standard Edition


FAR CRY PRIMAL – He traveled in time to the bygone eras where the mammoth animals Tigers of long eyetooth go hand in hand with human rights. Takes Us Far Cry Primal To The Stone Age, where fighting is our hero Takkar to save his tribe of Wenja of warring tribes predatory animals alike. As the Takkar that starts in flight with himself to unleash the skill of the Beast Master and learn how to tame wildlife.

Pave the way for the game FAR CRY PRIMAL  Road Primal many new things and exciting. Where the existence of weapons of the locations and mechanisms for different played at least. But in spite of that the game has managed in some ways to provide too much innovation but still appear similar to the previous games of the series is disappointing.

If you had played any game Far Cry or Assassin’s creed, it will identify promptly to the system for the presentation of the information on the screen (HUD). With regard to the map thumbnail strengths and experience you feel as if it was to add a new layer only over the template already exists and the educational system is also to a great extent. But I can’t blame them on this because they work very well but i wish i saw more innovation in this game specifically, simply because of the nature of the new ocean.

But with the exception of the foregoing, the great graphics environment breathtaking vibrant. It teems with different types and very diversified of flora and fauna of the encountered during the go across the map, came to add more wealth to the world. Each of them to certain areas and to learn well around you can search for in the places of their presence.

I have played for long hours in each time the role of the hunter/whole, ignoring the tasks and focused on the fishing of more than what I can types of different game collection of more than what i found of scarce resources. It was those hours are the most fun for the most hours ago i felt that life has become active in the world around me. I wish that the game focused entirely on this type of style of play. But because of the fishing uses collection and managed from the industry better tools for the promotion of the villages of faster than making tasks relatively easier.

The system of the arms industry and tools (crafting system) is great, and weapons are the tools used by a refreshing change of games correction. Forget is guns and bombs, this Game FAR CRY PRIMAL uses cudgels, spears and darts and hive. Forget is bullets, you must find the trees and stones to the industry of ammunition. Forget is friends, you have to tame the monsters of large and intensity in every place to protect you. Later will be capable of mounting some of these majestic beasts in the battles, these small details are what make the game succeed great.

With regard to the story, there are many of them. Where it appears that the main opponent has nothing to do with the Game rarely appears. It seemed that there was much effort in making the habits of the fighting tribes and way of life, but has not been revealed very little in the game. Is uncovered, mostly in the written text to load screen that could miss with ease.

There is not a lot of threats which were hovering around you or battles the leaders. The Game appear in this aspect of the Without objective or direction. It seems as if there are a lot of things to do but no comprehensive story collected together.


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