FAR CRY 4 Complete Edition

FAR CRY 4 Complete Edition


FAR CRY 4 – The Kyrat city in the Himalayan kingdom is a place full of legends and faith and Secrets and lies and beauty, is one of the best sites that you have explored in video game. The Kyrat is a huge and diverse visually impaired which seem as if it is a city inhabited and then destroyed an old became. Take advantage of the Far Cry 4 each point the force available to make itself a game open world adventure amazing perspective of the first person, but at the same time failed repeatedly in creating an enjoyable figures inside.

The most prominent failures in the game are personal empty hero contradictory. Return Ghale Ajay, US son for freedom fighters of)Kyrati), returns to his hometown of Himalayasthe ashes of his mother, and become involved in the revolution of his relatives. It assumption of smart humanitarian justify a widespread war through Kyrat adopted by Ajay, but Ajay is not interesting and even slightly compared to the things that.

Diversity is the greatest strengths of the battles exploration process from the perspective of the first person in Far Cry 4. We have climbed the slopes using climbing equipment in search of the treasures of the religious landmarks and hostages to the need for rescue. During gone through in the Himalaya Mountains stolen oxygen masks and snow in order to be able to survive, environment of unstable to crush enemies in snow. There were missing messages since a long time narrates tragic stories I wanted to know more about them. Ascontact cards are to bring to the guide on the serial killer, beautiful sceneryraised before the lakes and mountains landscapes in Kyrat. But all this sometimes threatened with raw materials and HD at least in the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, But Far Cry 4 the similarity of the game Far Cry 3 with regard to the accuracy visual, and elevate the level of expectations for the old generation.

I loved the explore every inch in Kyrat because they provide me continuously opportunities impose themselves strongly. The theme of the liberated from the repressive government present whatever headed, similar for Far Cry 3, the towers that are occupied by the enemy and serve as a gas with a feeling of satisfaction with the progress in the game. It gives you the climb up a wider perspective of the world, and highlights the highlights and open new targets.

When finished with the story of the hated it. I liked it at the same time, continued to return to Kyrat. There discovered new temples. And found more father Ajay, which chronicles the struggles that the Golden Path. She wondered if you had taken the right options for Kyrat, the city did not want to leave the place where they will continue to fight for as long as termers reasons to do so.

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