EVOLVE – Ultimate Edition

EVOLVE – Ultimate Edition


At a time when many games with high concepts begins with great promises and expiring disappointed, Evolve managed to achieve what has been sought. Where the studios of the Turtle Rock Studios developed through a wide range of options for smart design to create a chase game smart monsters and other similar multi-mode, which does not look like something else. It deep, tactically, and has its own personality and to exceed the strange progress, offers you the game level of clarity rarely seen in the games room – EVOLVE -correction play pattern.

In the first instance would inform any user, the basic concept of the game Evolve depends on the creation of an Exciting matches balanced somewhat put 4 players in the face of another player controls the giant monster, those special Matches the pattern of Hunt which is the play pattern of the statute of the address, the feature is the best in the game in view of the equality of the two sides both four fishermen who cooperate together to end their competition, or the beast which starts the match relatively weak and in need of malnutrition and to complete the development of its capabilities, which will guarantee the continuation of tension in both sides, the proverbial preference is not the monopoly of any one group at the expense of the other.

Different style of play and events without doubt from the point of view of each group, the monster needs to move quickly with absolute accuracy and therefore at the same time away from the fishermen a certain distance to ensure its preference to the least possible harm with the necessity of searching for food to develop capacities and lift the level, it is a dangerous adventure without doubt similar to rope, it is essential that the player has full knowledge of the map for accurately moves to explore the possibilities for full beast, far from the clashes such as the ability to climb and infiltration and use smell to know what is going on around it, and not to hurt any user bored early everyone must know that control of the beast requires patience and skill of excellence on fishermen, but the superiority of fishermen in itself just a simple reward, which makes the tearing apart their bodies Is pleasant fully to enjoy the capacities of the devastating personal-owned.

On the other side find fishermen have a permanent challenge and interesting the beast wily tries to stay in disguise and out of sight for the longest possible period in those planets humongous which does not know any person by something, but this does not prevent enjoy different routes available in virtual environment and hunting birds for some time despite the fact that this challenge is not enough and could not be relied upon for a long period of time, at the same time the fishermen to follow the evidence and the use of the equipment and fantasy, they have to know the place of the beast, or about to go to him, this is done through the follow a distinctive sign giant left accidentally in the mud, even when eating in many times leaves signs indicate The Place.

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