Dying Light The Following

Dying Light The Following


We will begin to review the Dying Light The Following it self as stated delay because we missed a game experience in the first version, the story of one of government customers who were

planting in the city of)Harun)to discover important files help in understanding the virus that hit the city and around all the population of zombie, there are few who survived in the city but also infected with the virus and shipments of medicine from the government to help them survive once the withholding of treatment will start in becoming a zombie.

The story and follow the tasks and dialogs and problems which remind me greatly and the first shot in a Far Cry in recitation and dialogs, and this is one of the good things because the way Far Cry In The narrative and problems and tasks ahead a distinctive absolutely added quality to the Dying Light contrary to what we have seen from the studio TechLand in previous guys Dead Island, which met with numerous criticisms because of the weakness of the story and dialog but apparently here that this matter was treated in a big way and juveniles is rich in the dialogs and complexity required to make the game.

The style of play in the Dying Light depends largely on the tools possible beatings by away from the FPS made in other markets but the game continued use of pipe or legs tables or anything sharp or you can heavy beatings by certainly you are very strong either slow zombies if others rapid these tools, but distinctive thing which surprised me is the commitment of the game Stamina Point Bar, which gives you the time to reimburse blows before that exhausts personal must stop for the restoration of unleashing your payment of the strikes again.

This point lead us to the use of strategies in the game the importance of the study of the places the intervention of them in the game is very important if entered a tunnel you well caution and make the size of you or your side even back in the case of the escape is available, you do not know what had met in each time, even zombies that may be fooled by had appears stronger when confrontation so your account and perhaps move away from confrontation much better the technique of playing on the BBC for example was the continuing presence of the roofs of the buildings exploiting jump running as a means to accomplish the game without entering in clashes ravage Disarmament leads me to demanding reform and the scarcity of the elements required for the reform of disarmament orCrafting which is considered one of the distinguishing factors by the way, due to the nature of the world ending around be rare elements was It is very difficult to continue to enter the confrontations against zombies I turn only to the necessary confrontations which used the intelligence to maintain the resources instead of annexing more like an attempt to assembled in one place in a distraction and then set on fire all of it would not be deceived by the trick to benefit the rest of your resources.

The missions did not feel the repetitive and not boring, on the contrary, there was a distinct challenges in every mission I play it and the mystery of the must be resolved in different strategy to play each task to choose the places of attack to the use of appropriate disarmament even uses the appropriate distraction, play a game of Dying Light balanced with the action did not overshadow the element of the other convoluted “Voucher access new premises which did not visit by the horrific because you do not know what awaits you in which in turn the style of play highway and the engine to preserve the distinctive pattern to play requested in the game.

For the game fees may be seen by default it a copy Enhanced Edition accordingly, the game will be graphically improved or significant changes.

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