DISHONORED – Game of the Year

DISHONORED – Game of the Year


Tired from the experience of video games which gives you a real opportunity to play? Of course you know what I Mean !, I mean those games while moving to move in a narrow corridor, and does not give you any degree of freedom to do what you like and depends mainly on the cinematic scenes to complement the events, without doubt tired of all of these quality, and this is the main reason why in the description of the game of Dishonored as a refreshing experience, especially that it start from where it ended games like Deus Ex and BioShock and many options again in the hands of the players.

Being a play the role of “Corfu ” the protector of the first empire, you will find yourself one of the residents of the city of Dunwall, those coastal city lose much of its daily because of the mice carrier plague disease, and can be described as the city as industrial city based on fishing, whale watching, in addition to being a cell of corruption, which suffers from the machinations of the many political to seize power, Here starts everything, when the assassination of the empress, and decides Corfu Town Revenge.

In Dishonored specifically, to avenge can take many forms, unlike many of the heroes of video games, Corfu Town” had not been trained in the Foundation to become a professional killer, Krakover, could be finalized without committing murder, one can avoid the guards or consciousness and players could use many options others fatal in order to reach the objectives to be disposed.

Of course, if you want to show your skill hostilities in the city of Dunwall and some blood this is available, but you must caution since the murder because the killings will take you to the many ramifications at the end of the story of the game – DISHONORED -, deaths mean more informers and guards, the end of a dark gloomy without a doubt.

If the same route taken at the beginning of my game, you will find yourself standing in the middle of everything, at least in the first time that the experience of the address, whatever it has done, style of play offers a variety is very huge players gives the opportunity to choose between a variety of many options to achieve any objective.

And For More insurance, fortifications, you spend some money to lift the state of my shoes and move in a more stable and peaceful, and also benefited from “yarkat” – through the bones hidden inside the game. To reduce substantially the time it takes to stifle the enemies, side by side with an increase in the tempo and survival in disguise and out of sight in the sneak while carrying the bodies.

Of course can be each player to choose different capabilities and”yarkat” according to the style of play which is preferred, if you are of the type which focuses on battles and clashes there is effective capacities to make you finish your enemies quickly, there is also a feature delay time and then stops time a few windowsill so that killed enemies or escape from the place, although some of the more useful than others, but they all offer great fun when its experience with weapons such as the Arc gun and grenade and barbed wire, which are the elements that can be also developed over time within the address.

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