Dishonored Definitive Edition

Dishonored Definitive Edition


It was regrettable that the story of Dishonored Definitive Edition  is not the best of the total moments that will remain in mind, but certainly the style of play. Each task contains a set of options carefully player, and can say the same speech on Corvo itself.The choices of the players of the forces and determine how they interact with this world, all once again to the game in which will be different from before. Dishonored the game be talking with friends, and that they will wish to play with them several times. There is in this game always other ways could accommodate other challenges to overcome, this makes the game as a new experience indeed.

Dishonored Definitive edition contains the original game, content of three additional (DLC), and some additions inside the game. Is it really deserves the title of definitive Edition? Not quite. On the one hand the content, these similar version of a copy of the game of the Year issued almost two years ago. Either technically Dishonored Definitive Edition seems to be better than that of the original version issued on the two routers Playstation3 and XML Xbox 360, where are the higher and better textures and colors more vital, but similar to a copy of the personal computer and is working on a medium specifications.

You have the experience of a copy of the personal computer and XML Xbox 360 afforded the comparison with the new version for the Playstation 4 and XML Xbox Wen, i did not find any differences between a copy of the current generation of appliances and a copy of the PC issued three years ago. The game is still look great, but due to the style of the beautiful graphic design, not to force technical assistance.

Dishonored suffered slightly in 2012 from some problems in lighting and the movement of the lips and texture simple things, this new version did not improve anything. The new version is also working at the rate of 60 per second, these negative point and the other. Loading times also in the definitive copy Edition far longer than those stationed in a copy of the last generation of appliances and PC.

The Game of the Year and Dishonored Definitive Edition  packets four additional our hero Corvo together. Yes, this means 12 additional pieces of the Bone Charms and 2000 pieces of cash, and the ability to use the seven pieces of the Bone Charms at the same time since the beginning of the game. Get all these additions together since the outset negatively affects the style of play and personal development in the game.

The Game of Dishonored Definitive Edition designed in such a way that you are working hard to raise money and the purchase of developments. Also cut the Bone Charms are things that must not be obtained easily, but must look for in everywhere. Those additions have negatively affected the importance of collecting money and pieces of bone Charms, making the player starts the game in a manner different from the normal. I hate really additions which are awarded at the ticket game in advance or purchase special version because they affect the style of play and the balance of the game, and this is what happened here. You have since the outset sufficient money to raise the capacity Corvo on the use of the maximum number of pieces of bone charms. Ten pieces from the outset instead of three?,  so That is unacceptable.

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