Destiny The Taken King Legendary Edition

Destiny The Taken King Legendary Edition


It Might seem strange to go back to play with the Destiny The Taken King this week. When the game for the first time last year was the only talk about in the offices of story. We have established a clan and played within the team, finished the many tasks and the strikes, we want to explore this game with many of the Guardians.

But, after a period of time decided to stop. The tired of the system of promotion strange, and the repetition of tasks and continuously to obtain weapons and shields better, and rewards slum. Even after battle, failed Destiny in the persuasive to return again, and thus has become just another game played for a period of time but not satisfied to continue to play.

With the launch of the Third expansion this week, was brought about many changes to the Destiny The Taken King , most of the suggestions of the community of the players, hours of the test. “bungie” straps have always been appreciated the reactions of the players, and this is clear in the third expansion that changed the mechanical game. The system of promotion has become better, there are weapons and better shields, web sites and new tasks, and all this changes are aimed at reminding the players why they purchased a destiny in the first place. A person who devoted countless hours in the game, it is good to be back again.

The system of promotion new is the first thing you can be noted. While the light still plays a role in determining the level of special materiel, but he became the arithmetic average total score and ongoing defense, which means that the use of weapons and better shields equal to the value of the light the largest .the things you ـCryptarch no longer vague. New weapons in abundance, and players thirsty to find new equipment exotics have much hop. Over the three days that you play which managed to find some really good, as you and experimentation to obtain the best possible result. Also become upgrade to a higher level in the game much easier, and no longer fighting you repeatedly and sterile for score only experience.

The story was one of the things that were criticized by many in the destiny, but “bungie” straps promised to the gripping 1st Episode of King will solve this problem. The story can be terminated during 4-5 hours, but upon termination, you feel it just adding more information about the actual story. There are many hop knowledge, and there are still missing parts. But in general the story in the gripping 1st Episode of King is good, and interrelated with each task and you must visit old sites and new to complete these tasks.

In fact, as is the case in the Destiny The Taken King of origin, most content becomes available after the completion of the tasks of the story. And then you can access Dreadnaught, is the ship huge Oryx containing a lot of tasks and the number of the strikes. Play during each of them was a challenge to the fun, along the lines of what I felt while played destiny for the first time. There are large areas of exploration in this huge ship, in addition to many of the tasks surely will need to go to the ship to reap more rewards.

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