CRYSIS 3 – I do not think that there is a player did not play the role of the breakthrough soldier uncommon, especially with the presence of many games is designed to make you feel as if you were gods carrying weapons. He knows the game makers that there is a very large numbers of players who play for one reason only: To Forget boring day in the office and enter in the evening to the world champion of the forces of carrying weapons and kills the enemies.

Thus, it is rare that we can in fact understanding of heroes in the games room the first perspective. It is almost impossible to communicate with anyone who kills a lot of people over time, is not affected by injured bullets repeated and do not appear to be more than just a minor scrapes for him. The games in a series of Crysis 3 guilty in this particular case, in each game of which you are wearing well-fortified and graduated and kill all the guards who. This has been very interesting, but you do not feel that there is a real goal behind all this severe violence in punishing the enemies.

So the first surprise you will see when sitting to play Crysis 3 is a big jump in quality of the story and personalities. It is clear that the company has directed its focus significantly toward this side, perhaps for this reason has not changed the way the basic play a lot about Crysis 2. Take root Crysis Story 3 in fighting against CELL Corporation and unjust in pursuit of the Alpha, but what moves of the story is the relationship between the Prophet hero, a close friend and Michael (Michael (Psycho’ Sykes). The former seeks in full capacity to adhere to another effects of humanity, while the other, which stripped of cell ofnanotechnology and torturing him, struggles to balance with the idea of 1246.

Thanks to the voice representation facial expressions of eminent, dialog, superb, can now figures in Crysis 3 delivery of a sense of the level of the very great tops the figures that we see in this type of games. May not reach the level of Half-Life 2, but is seen as a big jump in the story of the chain. As for the game tells the story of the hero has become closer to the machine to human rights, containing Crysis 3 on a sudden amount of human feelings.

As is usual in the series, the pattern of individual play in Crysis 3 is the most fun, but this does not mean that the contents of the play pattern multi-poor in any form. It was the use of again branchkraitak studios in the United Kingdom (STUDIO was formerly known as Berri Radikal design).

every soldier murdered his position to become the fishermen, so as not to remain only one soldier, which begins nervously and shooting the shadows. This is truly rich experience and deserves exploration as soon as the end the play pattern of the individual.

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