The Crew Wild Run

The Crew Wild Run


The Crew Wild run Is a full copy of the original game issued in the past year, the more cars and patterns of playing that appear for the first time many enhancements long game fees and details of virtual environment (Can Get Update Free fees), let alone the dynamic weather CVT,also focused largely on collective competitions with friends, existing challenges on the speed and review to compete with the best players in this matter and the destruction of their findings, and the method of playing its share of updates also but did not receive sufficient attention compared to the rest of the elements that have undergone significant changes.

On the level of events and rivalries, departed from the Wild Run on the traditional way in which we are sick of seen in most of the races games recently issued, instead of the leadership and the attempt to overcome conquer all the time, you will find yourself in front of the huge content of various races such as the leadership of a huge truck in a limited way to collect the greatest number of points in less time, or rely on a sports car Super-parades and excellence of opponents in the competitions to achieve the highest possible results, since the world of the game in the basis for known sturdy will not be difficult for any user that spends time in the monthly challenges which achieving certain results to qualify for the later to compete with the best results at the end of each month and in return the distinctive prizes.

If all this not enough, there are events of the Free drive which are frequently along the way and can be addressed while roaming free or during the races, at times requests those challenges the player to review his skill in Drift while driving through the sway right and left along the road, and at other times ask the player commitment for a certain distance without deviation or Exit Road, or you may find yourself compelled the leadership inconsiderately to avoid other vehicles without touched, those simple competitions game gave a different character somewhat but the condition exists exaggerated and repetitive which struck me bored and tired after a short period of time, the pattern most enjoyable it Drag which requests the starting player to the maximum speed of the reliance on the transmission speed manual transmission at the appropriate moment Access the maximum speed and crossing the discount.

At the level of the cars, customization, and provided The Crew Wild Run 3 new formations for the preparation of the vehicle as to suit every race, some vehicles provided an excellent performance, especially those that used to review the speed races although distinctive performance but it is confined to a certain number of the races and i was not able to address it at any time.

At the level of the playing of cooperative and collective provide Wild Run the ability to run an awesome number of the races on the basis of your team or the other players across the network, is excellent if managed to collect your friends to experience The Crew Wild Run with you or succeeded in the trip of searching for players across the network for the competitions together, which criticized personally until it managed to run a limited number of races with other players, can also compete with any other player in the individual races on the length of the city be addressed quickly and need to focus so as not to miss your way.

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