Captain Toad Treasure Tracker

Captain Toad Treasure Tracker


Captain Toad Treasure Tracker is one of the smartest and most beautiful puzzle games this year I can classified among the best Games this year also despite the fact that this person is not able to jump but this game managed to provide many of the options and miscellaneous riddles, as is expected from the game is taking place in the world Super Mario.

The Game provide a new set of challenges and interesting and different stages in Super Mario 3D World your job Toad routing or within small stages and explore the world around you with the help of the camera circuit and try to avoid the enemies booby traps that stand in the face.

The Game contains a group of new ideas and new hardware platform musical that disappear when playing specific tones or that doubles the PII about you twice or three or four times and many other additions which fills this trip six hours of fun.

Each one of the 70th stage in the game designed in the form of the island of floating in space and all are filled with great riddles, and also encourages the game to explore every corner of this stage and the things that you can take advantage of using the GamePad – Captain Toad Treasure Tracker.

The understanding of the enemies and the Toads your own optimized for exceeding the generates great each time ended one of the stages .find the star is the goal in most of the early stages in addition to secondary tasks such as collecting jewels and a prize for the function of optional at every stage.

These stages is relatively easy, but the discovery of all the secrets is difficult i feel the need to lose everything at every stage because some secrets you can not be obtained by the discovery of most of the jewels.

Captain wished slowly moving most of the time that gives you enough time to explore everything, camera control is very important for the game lets you control by fully and I liked the freedom that gives them the game in the world view from any angle wants, but the problem here is that the camera control through the stick right-wing and gyrosensor in the GamePad since the sensor cannot be extinguished the camera was irritatingly whenever moved one, if you want to play on the GamePad only the messages that appear on the screen hinder your vision in the important moments of playing – Captain Toad Treasure Tracker.

It was regrettable that the game has some strange problems, for example, you cannot know the statistics or the tasks carried out in one of the stages until the intervention into the stage, so you do not know the optional task within each stage which is very grim.

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