Call of Duty Infinite Warfare A New Year Came And Carries the game of the Call of Duty. We have embraced part this year of a series of famous correction made the subject of science fiction with energy weapons, bombs and anti-gravity and confrontations space ships, real battles yen stars. While all this might have caused the expulsion of many of the lovers of the old series, but certainly a welcome for my love of science fiction, I found that these mechanisms is one of the best elements in the game.

The planet in a dilemma. Military faction is evil with extremist ideas called the SDF led by Salen Kotch (Kit Harrington) dominated the planet Mars now draw its weapons toward the blue planet beloved. It was up to the naval fleets in the earth to go to war with the SDF apparently.

Play the role of Nick Reyes, a captain first lieutenant, who holds all the typical characteristics of the soldier in the US army: It is a family of strong will and smart, dedicated to the maximum limits. Either your partner handprints right is inherent to the first Lebanese or strong sophisticated called Nora is, which is a sincere alike but more reckless. The team includes veterans of the Iraqi engineer (Gator) British sergeant (Omar), businessman to equipped with battles and others. The team as a whole variety of individuals with colorful figures despite the analogy to some extent.

The missions themselves tighten the player is not repetitive at all. Thanks in part to the fact that each task is located within the framework of various. Some of the tasks on the new planet and belts of planets and some of the other is confrontations between ships of the TV and much more Also The methods of control space ship is very limited, and that the installation on the goal of the ship flying alone, but a challenging enough to be an enjoyable stay.

In general, you will enjoy the postembryonic campaign in the game of the Call of Duty: Infinite warfare. May not be perfect, but the style of play wonderful story impeccable personalities, conclusion comes to escalate the smoky strong action and events. Whether you’re a fiction or not, I assure you that you have you will spend these 7-8 hours.


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